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Put an item into Course Reserves

Instructors at CSUSB may place items on reserve for their students to use, including books, photocopies, videos, and objects for study. These materials may be Pfau Library-owned or personal copies. Read further down for reserve guidelines and copyright considerations.

  • Using the textbook list from the Campus Bookstore, all print books AND ebooks owned by the library have been linked in Course Reserves.
  • The library has purchased ebook versions of textbooks whenever possible. Many textbook publishers will not sell ebook copies to libraries, we would buy them if we could. 
  • If your textbook is not available as an ebook and you personally own the book, Fair Use at this time will allow you to scan and post pages needed for class in Blackboard. 
  • If the book used is available only in print and the library currently owns it, library staff can do limited scanning. Faculty members can fill out this Google form for textbook scanning needs: Course Reserve Scan Request.
  • E-mail and telephone requests are not accepted.
  • Please note that we no longer take requests for electronic course reserves; follow the instructions for Linking to Library Resources to enhance your course through the learning management system or the class Web site by linking to electronic articles, journals and books.

For questions or further information, please contact:

Library-Owned Copies

For fastest service, please check if we already own the text in paper or electronic form using OneSearch’s Books & Media (CSUSB). If we own it, we can place items on reserve for you more quickly if you use the online Faculty Reserve Request form. We will pull the item and attach your name and class to it. This is best done 1-3 weeks before the new quarter begins. Please allow at least 3 business days for processing.

Personal Copies

If you own a copy of the text, please consider lending it to the library. It will be returned to you. You may fill out the Course Reserves Request (PDF) form and bring it and the item(s) to the Check-Out Desk, or fill out a copy at the Check-Out Desk when you drop off the materials. Please allow at least three (3) business days for processing. The library is not responsible for damage to or loss of personal copies.

Reserve Guidelines

  • Requests are processed in the order received.
  • Photocopies and printouts should be clear and in manila folders.
  • Materials on loan from other libraries cannot be placed on reserve.
  • Make and confirm reserve arrangements before distributing an assignment. If an item is checked out, it may be weeks before it can be obtained and placed on reserves.
  • Books placed on reserve for the academic year will be reviewed for circulation frequency. You will be contacted if our records show little or no circulation activity.

Copied materials placed on reserve are subject to copyright protections. Fair use exemptions may apply. Copied materials that do not require copyright permission include:

  • Material in the public domain (including many works published prior to 1923).
  • Government documents.
  • Material written by the instructor for the course, such as lecture notes or quizzes.
  • Departmental comprehensive exams or other department-authored materials.

Generally, the Pfau Library considers that the following copied items do not require copyright permissions when used for only one quarter:

  • One chapter from any book
  • One article from any journal
  • One poem, short story, or essay from a collected work.
  • Short excerpt, not to exceed 10% of a work without chapters or articles.

Materials which require copyright permission are:

  • Any copyrighted material which exceeds the above guidelines.
  • Journal articles, magazine articles, or book chapters intended for use for more than one consecutive quarter.
  • Multiple chapters from a single book or multiple articles from a single journal or magazine.
  • Student works (obtain permission from the student).

When in doubt, consider alternatives. For example, photocopies of half a book would not be permitted on reserve, but the original, entire book would be; purchase the book or ask your Department Liaison librarian to purchase a library copy for use on reserve if the budget allows.

Pfau Library offers thousands of online articles, books, and other material licensed for campus use. Rather than making copies, consider linking to the material from your course Web page. For details, see Linking to Library Resources.

For help in deciding if your use of a copied item is covered by Fair Use, consult the University of Columbia's Fair Use Checklist. The "Guidelines for Classroom Copying," developed by Congress and publishing representatives in 1976, are frequently applied to library Reserves situations. Circular 21: Reproduction of Copyrighted Works by Educators and Librarians (PDF) includes the text of the Guidelines.