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Collection Locations

Our collections include a wide variety of items and all of them are included in OneSearch. See the Onesearch User’s Guide for searching instructions.

Audio CDs

Music and spoken word CDs may be requested from the Check-Out Desk.

Audio Books

Formats include audio CDs, audiocassettes, and Playaway digital audio players. All of them are kept behind the Check-Out Desk. Audiocassette players and headphones may also be checked out at the Check-Out Desk.


Blu-ray, DVD, and VHS format videos are kept behind the Check-Out Desk. 

Journals, Magazines, & Newspapers

IN PRINT: Most are shelved in the Periodicals section on the 3rd floor, in alphabetical order by title; they have no call numbers. A few selected titles are shelved in the Featured Magazines area, 1st floor. The most current issue is in a plastic cover; for additional recent issues, lift the current issue shelf to access the storage compartment.

ONLINE: We have many more journals, magazines, and newspapers online than we have in print; check the Journals List for specific titles.

Juvenile Collection

The Juvenile Collection on the 5th floor includes more than 20,000 fiction and non-fiction books appropriate for children of all ages, up to and including high school. The collection includes numerous award-winning books.

Curriculum Collection

The Curriculum Collection, on the 5th floor, is made up of different sets of materials:

  • Materials adopted by the State of California as textbooks for grades K-12 within the last 40 years.
  • Materials that were not adopted, but designated as supplementary to the K-12 curriculum.
  • Workbooks that provide teachers with material to augment student learning.

Theses & Dissertations

The library has copies of the master's projects, master's theses, and doctoral dissertations written by CSUSB students as part of their degree programs. 

Since 2014, CSUSB theses and projects have been published solely online. View these in CSUSB ScholarWorks: Electronic Theses, Projects, and Dissertations.

Earlier CSUSB theses and projects are gradually being digitized and can be searched in CSUSB ScholarWorks: Thesis Digitization Project.

To conduct a comprehensive search of theses and dissertations in the humanities and social sciences worldwide, use the library database Dissertations & Theses: Humanities & Social Sciences.

Microforms Collection

Microforms are miniature photos of printed materials that may take the form of microfiche (rectangular sheets of film) or microfilm (rolls of 35mm film). They are kept in large metal cabinets on the 4th floor, behind the elevators, along with the machines that allow you to view, save, email, or print to the 1st floor printers.