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Dear Faculty: 

Welcome to the Pfau Library’s Critical Information Literacy Laboratory for Faculty. The instructional tools found in this lab are designed to facilitate the integration of critical information literacy concepts and skills into university curricula. Online tutorials have been created for three levels of instruction: beginning, intermediate, and advanced, and quizzes are available to assist with critical information literacy outcomes assessment. 

Cesar Caballero
John M. Pfau Library


The CIL Lab supports the integration of critical information literacy (CIL) concepts and skills into coursework across the curriculum.

The Instructor’s Corner contains teaching resources (discussion prompts, activities, etc.) for instructors. These resources are aligned with our student learning outcomes (see CIL at the Pfau Library) and are meant to assist you in helping your students think critically about how information works. These teaching tools can be tailored to your class assignments and student needs in a variety of ways. You will find that some of the higher-level prompts and activities are great ways to differentiate instruction in your classroom.

The Video Tutorials component for students is a series of YouTube videos, which include audio and closed captioning. Each tutorial concludes with an online assessment.

The CIL & GE Transformation page includes information on CIL in the revised General Education program.

For assistance with integrating CIL into your courses, see Library Instruction Options.