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Welcome to the Virtual Library Multimedia Center!

If you’re wondering how to create a great video, you’re in the right place! Here you’ll find links to free media production resources and some quick how-to videos to get you started. And remember: if this is for a class assignment, START EARLY. You’ll need at least three weeks to make a good product!

<a href=";showinfo=0">Watch VMMC Introduction YouTube Video</a>

Free Media Production Resources

These resources will help you complete just about any media project...even if you do not have access to expensive cameras or software. These free versions do not differ much from the paid versions. All software programs are available for Windows, Mac, and Linux or are cloud based.

Stock Footage/Pictures/Audio

All of these sites offer stock media that is free to use. In some cases, the works are governed by the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License. In other cases, the site provides its own license. For more information, open each site below and click on either the “About” link or the “License” link.

Photo Editing Program

  • GIMP

    GIMP is a free and open source photo editing tool available for Windows, Mac and Linux. Think of it as a Photoshop alternative.

Video Editing Programs


    If you watch TV or go to the movies you have seen shows that have been edited on Avid Media Composer. Media Composer is the leading video editing platform used by professional video editors world wide.


    DaVinci Resolve offers video editing, VFX, color grading and audio editing all in one package. This program can be labor intensive for your computer. Make sure to check your computer specs before you install.

  • OpenShot

    OpenShot is an open source video editor that is very simple to use. Available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Audio Editing Programs


    Audacity is a free and open source audio editing platform available for Windows, Mac and Linux.

Video Encoding/Transcoding Software


    Need to compress your video into a manageable size so that you can embed it into the web? Handbrake can help.

Teleprompter Tool


    Teleprompters can be a useful tool to help you complete your project quickly. If you have a script you need to deliver on camera a teleprompter can help you get your message across quickly and concisely.

Screenwriting Tool


    All videos start with an idea. Celtx offers a free version that can help you get your idea organized and on screen in no time.

How-To Videos

Some professors are including media requirements in their class assignments. If you have an assignment in your class that asks you to create a short video, these how-to videos can help.

<a href=";showinfo=0">Watch Adobe Sparks: What is it? YouTube Video</a>


<a href=";showinfo=0">Watch Basic Project File Management YouTube Video</a>


Tips on Fair Use

Disclaimer: The following links do not constitute legal advice. Only an attorney can provide that for you! These links offer insight into the sometimes confusing world of copyright and fair use so that you can be empowered to make smart decisions about how to legally use others’ creative works in your DIY videos. We encourage you to take reasonable precautions against copyright infringement!

  • Fair Use Checklist

    From Cornell University: This checklist is a tool to assist you in applying the balancing test for determining whether you may make or distribute copies of works protected by copyright without having to obtain the permission of the copyright holder.

  • Fair Use Analysis Tool

    From University of North Texas Library, this tool is a great way to organize your thoughts about whether or not to use another person’s work in your multimedia project.

Fair Use: Copyright on YouTube


<a href=";showinfo=0">Watch Fair Use: Copyright on YouTube YouTube Video</a>


From the YouTube Help Center.

Fair Use in Seven Words

<a href=";showinfo=0">Watch Fair Use in Seven Words YouTube Video</a>


From the University of Virginia Library, this video explains fair use effectively in just two minutes!