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John M. Pfau Library 
California State University, San Bernardino
5500 University Parkway
San Bernardino, CA 92407-2318

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Dean Rebecca Lubas
Library Administration

Research Assistance Desk

Check-Out Desk
(Circulation & Reserves)

Name/Title/Email Location Phone
Lisa Bartle
Coordinator, Collection Development
PL-53E 909-537-7552

Jennifer Beamer
Scholarly Communications Librarian

PL-5005Q 909-537-5106
Cesar Caballero
Dean Emeritus
PL-5005P 909-537-7553
Julieta Castaneda
Public Services, Stack Maintenances Supervisor, Library Service Specialist II
PL-117 909-537-3459
Guadalupe Esquivel
Circulation Assistant
PL-115 909-537-3471
Evelyn Figueroa
Library Services Specialist I
PL-115 909-537-3484
Isabel Guzman
Outreach and Engagement Librarian
PL-125 909-537-3891
Jessica Herrera
Electronic Resources/Serials, Library Service Specialist II
PL-053 909-537-4363
Rebecca Hofflund
Assistant to the Dean, Administrative Support Coordinator
PL-2006 909-537-3108
Shana Higgins
Access Services Librarian
PL-125 909-537-4527
Tanya Kato
Water Resources Collections Archivist
PL-401C 909-537-7683
James Knight III
Special Collections & University Archives Staff, Library Service Specialist I
PL-4009 909-537-4213
Rebecca Lubas
Dean of the Library
PL-2006C 909-537-3443
Risa Lumley
Palm Desert Campus Librarian
PDC HS-103 909-537-8112
Robie Madrigal
Marketing, Development, and Outreach Specialist
PL-5005R 909-537-5104
Stacy Magedanz
Coordinator, Electronic Resources and Serials
PL-53B 909-537-5103
Catrina Mancha
Head, Acquisitions/Gifts/ Library Service Specialist IV
PL-049 909-537-5096

Sanjeet-Singh Mann
Discovery and Systems Librarian

PL-307A 909-537-5107
Juvette McNew
Head, ILL, Library Service Specialist IV
PL-109 909-537-7108
Eric Milenkiewicz
Head of Special Collections & University Archives
PL-4009B 909-537-3534
Cynthia Mitchem
Cataloging, Library Service Specalist II
PL-053 909-537-7753
Jan Moore
Administrative Support Assistant II
PL-049 909-537-3450
Juan Murillo-Perez
Library Service Specialist II
PDC Library 909-537-8104
Priscilla Ortiz
Library Services Specialist I
PL-109 909-537-3485
William Ortiz
Instruction Librarian
PL-053H 909-537-7791
Bonnie Petry
Reference Librarian
PL - 53D 909-537-5114
Alexandria Precie
Cataloging, Library Service Specialist II
PL-053 909-537-3498
Cayce Price
Library Services Specialist II
PL-121 (909) 537-5098
Patricia Ric'e-Daniels
Library Services Specialist I
PL-115 909-537-4307
Amina Romero
Electronic Resources/Serials, Library Service Specialist IV
PL-053 909-537-7394
Ericka Saucedo
Administrative Analyst/Specialist
PL-2006 909-537-3497
Brent Singleton
Coordinator, Reference Services
PL-5005S 909-537-5083
Jasmine Sole
Library Receiving, Library Service Specialist I
PL-049 909-537-5097
Eva Sorrell
Coordinator for Cataloging and ULMS
PL-53A 909-537-7392
Jill Vassilakos-Long
Coordinator, Gov. Documents
PL-5005N 909-537-7541
Manny Veron
Special Collections & University Archives Staff, Digitizing Unit/Library Service Specialist II
PL-4009 909-537-5118
Karina Zamarron
Library Services Specialist I, ILL Staff
PL-109 909-537-3634