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Switzer Scholarship


CSUSB students studying for an academic year abroad in France or Quebec are eligible for the Switzer Scholarship. The award ranges from $500 to $10,000 based on merit and/or financial need. Priority is given to majors, then minors, then everyone else. No separate application is required for those students who are accepted to one of the CSU International Programs. For more information, contact Dr. Martin.

CSUSB students spending a year in France (Aix-En-Provence or Paris) or Quebec (Canada) have been the recipients of the Switzer Scholarship. Since 1999 the Switzer fund has awarded over $143,000 to 24 students.

P. Richard Switzer was a professor of French at CSU, San Bernardino. Switzer specialized in French literature of the 19th century with emphasis on Chateaubriand and Scribe. He was the author of 15 books and contributed to 3 additional books. He read 29 papers at professional meetings and authored 34 articles appearing in 15 different journals. Switzer taught at Northwestern University, the University of Wisconsin (Madison), the University of Chicago, the University of Illinois (Chicago) and the University of California (Berkeley) before coming to CSUSB as the Dean of Humanities in 1970. He served as Dean from 1970-79 before dedicating his energy to the French program where he regularly taught French composition, linguistics, literature, and literature in translation. When Professor Switzer passed away in 1995 he left his estate to fund this scholarship program to encourage CSUSB students to spend a year studying in France.

Past and Current Recipients


  • Carlos Castro
  • Edna Chavez
  • Emmanuel Okharedia
  • Ana Ramirez-Rodriguez


  • Sydney Atherton
  • Antoinette Norman
  • Christina Williams


  • Zachary Howe
  • Ashley Reynolds
  • Brandie Stephens
  • Brandy Wiersma


  • Ashley Davidson-Fisher
  • Kerri Faulkner
  • Danielle Ogaz


  • Jennifer Johnson
  • Amanda Porter
  • Scott Poff


  • Jennifer Baldwin
  • Kim Clifton
  • Windsor Muguertegui
  • Leslie Ruiz


  • Katherine Hoyo
  • Mandy Wilson


  • Lena Batanian
  • Valerie Johnson
  • Jack Lape
  • Constance Tseng
  • Robert Viera


  • Jessica Harp
  • Michelle Roeder
  • Diana Salazar


  • Jonté Leon Guerrero
  • Sacha Rice
  • Sally Smith


  • Chistine Cowan
  • Toni Drewry
  • Jury Lim
  • Sarah Quinte


  • Amanda Black
  • Ashley Davidson-Fisher
  • Lydia-Carlie Tilus
  • Rachel Fields
  • Flor Quinto
  • Oscar Zambrano


  • Angela Brau
  • Molly Green
  • Huong Nguyen
  • Felipe Rangel


  • Katherine Hoyo
  • Cynthia Olivera
  • Vanessa Jong
  • Rosie Zelaya



  • Damon Nance
  • Anne-Lise Sveen


  • Lena Batanian
  • Brizeida Fernandez