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2023 WLL Graduates

We are proud of our Graduates!

M.A. in Spanish Graduates

Alberto Garcia Loza

Andrea Padilla

Patricia Preciado

Patricia Preciado

Selene Ulloa

Selene Ulloa


Luz Villasenor De Gonzalez

Outstanding Graduate Student in Spanish - Patricia Preciado

Patricia Preciado

I was fortunate to have Patricia Ann Preciado as a student in various courses of her B.A. Spanish major and Spanish M.A. program since I met her in the Fall quarter of 2007 at the California State University, San Bernardino. During all these courses and years as undergraduate and graduate student, Patricia always demonstrated a strong commitment to her education, selflessly assisting other students and the World Languages and Literatures department in many cultural activities promoting Spanish. She is always willing to help sharing her knowledge and experience, becoming a mentor for junior students following the same path than herself. For this reason, Patricia always have earned the respect and admiration of her classmates, and myself as her instructor. As a graduate student preparing for the M.A. exams, she has lead student groups in many review and practice sessions. [Dr. Jesús David Jerez-Gómez]

B.A. in Arabic Graduates

Suad Bahajre

Suad Bahajre


Mohamad Kaddoura

Noor Odeh

Azzeddine Salmi

Aamir Vaid

Outstanding Student in Arabic - Suad Bahajre

Suad BahajreSuad is one of the most inspiring, hard-working, caring, and mature students our program ever had. While her academic achievements (4.0 in Arabic and 3.96 overall GPA), her speedy degree completion in 3 semesters (as a transfer student), and her meticulously-researched presentations are an indication of her dedication to excellence, what mostly touches us about her is her commitment to social justice, her teamwork spirit, and her compassion to helping others. Over the past years, Suad has spent thousands of hours volunteering in the community: she promoted language and culture learning, assisted refugees settle down, connected people with their rich heritage, and helped educate and tutor her fellow students. She is a selfless, responsible, and concerned human being who is a shining star and a global citizen. We wish her the best in her future educational journey and career plans. [-Dr. Dany Doueiri]

B.A. in French Graduates

Hosanna Betcher

Delli Kennedy

Delli Kennedy


Outstanding Students in French

Hosanna Betcher

Hosanna BetcherHaving graduated Summa Cum Laude in December 2022, Hosanna holds a double B.A. in Mathematics and French (French Language and Cultures Concentration) from CSUSB. Hosanna is also among the many French majors from our campus who have participated in study abroad. Always eager to expand her knowledge and broaden her horizons, she applied and was accepted to the 2019-2020 academic year in Paris with the CSU International Programs. She took full advantage of this experience, enthusiastically embracing the local French language and culture while taking a full load of French classes at the University of Paris (which she continued virtually during the COVID-19 lockdown). A bonafide Francophile, she is keenly aware of the advantages of being multilingual and sensitive to other cultures. [- Dr. Elizabeth Martin]

Delli Kennedy

Delli Kennedy

Delli completed her B.A. in French Language and Cultures at our university with flying colors in May 2023. Delli stands out among her peers for a number of reasons, not the least of which are her wealth of life experiences, lifelong learning attitude, and passion for writing poetry (some of which she has published in our student journal VOICES, in French with English translation). As a Francophone born and raised in the Democratic Republic of the Congo, she has also brought to the classroom the unique perspective of a native French-speaking African having lived on both sides of the Atlantic. Her professionalism and ability to motivate and encourage her classmates reflect her belief that the secret to happiness is helping others. With her passion for learning, unwavering strength, and appreciation for life’s blessings, Delli has inspired us all. [ Dr. Elizabeth Martin]

  B.A. in Spanish Graduates

Maria Alba Pedroza

Luis Arcos

Victoria Bravo

Victoria Bravo

Daniel Calderon

Tania Castanos

Karina Cortes

Zazil Corzo

Karen Espinoza

Rosely Espinoza-Mendez

Yamili Estudillo

Ulises Fernandez

  Leslie Galarza-Radilla 

  Stephanie Galaviz 

  Juan Garibay Mendez

Liliana Hansen

Lily Hansen

Priscila Hernandez

Jose Hernandez

Joanna Jimenez

Nohemi Martinez

Ashley Martinez Uscanga

Graciela Medina

Astrid Mejia A

Astrid Mejia Alfaro

Braulio Mendoza Ramos

Cindy Montiel

Paola Navaro

Stacy Nepanuceno

Guadalupe Ortiz Hernandez

Gabriela Oviedo

Dariana Penaloza

Joselinne Ramirez

Ana Rochin

Ana Rochin

Eduardo Rodriguez

Jose Romero

Cristian Romero Torres

Alexa Romo

 Reyna Salazar-Madrid

Aurelia Soriano Perez

Carrie Tharp

Keyla Torres

Keyla Torres

Abraham Villegas

Outstanding Students in Spanish

Keyla Torres

Keyla TorresDuring her time at CSUSB, Keyla Torres proved to be outstanding in every sense of the word. Her dedication, handwork, curiosity, generosity toward her peers, and intellectual prowess shined through in every course. There is no doubt in my mind that Keyla will continue making our Coyote family proud in her future endeavors. [-Dr. Esteban Cordoba]

Lily Hansen 

Lily HansenLily is an exceptional student. She commutes from the PDC to the San Bernardino campus and has done a stellar job throughout her academic journey. Among many of her accomplishments, on March 1st, Lily had the amazing opportunity to participate in the HACU panel to talk about her experience at the HACU conference. Additionally, Lily is able to help other students at both the CSUSB and PDC campuses by teaching yoga. [-Dr. Bibiana Diaz-Rodriquez]

Outstanding WLL Undergraduate Student

Hosanna Betcher

Commencement Speaker: Suad Bahajre

Suad ​​Bahajre World Languages and Literatures

Watch Suad's Speech

2022-2023 Scholarship Award Winners

Acto Latino Scholarship

José Hernández

CASLA Scholarship

Spain (Salamanca & Barcelona)

Jason Dávalos

Dulce Carrillo

Janet Robles