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2022 WLL Graduates

We are proud of our Graduates!

M.A. in Spanish Graduates

Maricela    Hernandez

Samuel Jacobo

Nancy Mora

Nancy Mora

Valerie   Perez

Joe Perez Alarcon

Allizon Torres

Jessica Vazquez

Jessica Vazquez

Outstanding Graduate Student in Spanish - Nancy Mora

Nancy Mora

B.A. in Arabic Graduates

Mohamed Shaban

Outstanding Student in Arabic - Mohamed (Ed) Shaban

B.A. in Spanish Graduates

Libney Arredondo
Elizabeth Barron Torres

Clarissa Carrete
Clarissa Carrete
Arlyn Chajon
Vianny Chavez
Gabriela Cruz
Xotchil Delgado
Luis Escobar Gutierrez
Teyssy Espino Ramirez
Stephanie Estrada
Samantha Flores

Alejandra Galindo
Alexander Gotoh
Jose Guerrero Duarte
Jayline Hernandez
Manuel Inzunza

Alexia Echavez
Alexia Lizarraga Echavez

Sofia Lopez with decorated grad cap
Sofia Lopez

Alexandra Marquez
Ana Mendez
Andres Mendoza
Alondra Mojica-Mojica
Paulina Morales Garcia
Jazline Oliva

Kiara Oregon
Kiara Oregon
Anelsy Pimentel-Meza
Juan Rosas
Stacy Sanchez
Citlali Sapiens
Jonathan Vazquez Gomez
Victor Vera
Annette Virgen

Outstanding Students in Spanish

Clarissa Carrete

Clarissa CarreteClarissa’s academic excellence, evidenced in her outstanding G.P.A. is, nevertheless, a mere a reflection of her human quality. Rarely have I met so young a person in my years of instruction who was as unselfish, humble and respectful as Clarissa. I was often impressed and delighted to see how Clarissa communicated with her peers and me with tremendous maturity, knowledge, humility, and attention to the world around her. Clarissa’s insatiable curiosity and unselfishness inspired her peers every week to fully immerse in Latin American and Latino culture and enrich their world outlook, whether it was by motivating the class to inquire further into a topic or by helping clarify lesson points.

Moreover, the essays, exams, projects, and weekly responses she produced throughout our courses were some of the most eloquent and well written. Clarissa’s ability to convey knowledge, whether in writing or speaking, is truly outstanding. She demonstrated this maturity and articulateness in her final project, which was one of the best; a fascinating and captivating radio-novel exploring the legacy of racism in Latin America. However, what is remarkable about Clarissa is her openness to new ideas and willingness to reconsider her own opinions and views. This trait, I believe, is essential for any individual seeking to be successful. For being able to question one’s own prejudices and biases allows one to be in a better position to help others and oneself.

[Excerpt from Dr. Esteban Cordoba's Recommendation Letter.]

Anelsy Pimentel-Meza

Anelsy’s attitude and valuable day to day input is indeed such a positive element in the overall chemistry of the classroom. She never hesitates to help a peer to the best of her ability.

She is a bright and hardworking student. Anelsy’s attitude and valuable day to day input is indeed such a positive element in the overall chemistry of the classroom. She never hesitates to help a peer to the best of her ability.

If her performance in my class is any indication of how she performs within the department of World Languages and Literatures, I believe Anelsy is an excellent addition to our academic community. Despite her busy school and work schedule during Fall 2021, she ensured she gave every assignment her complete attention and effort, and often came into office hours to discuss her work. Essentially, Anelsy does not cut corners but wants the best out of herself and out of others. She is a student with a genuine interest and passion in learning. Anelsy takes nothing for granted. Her hard work and determination led her to find success, as she will be moving on to pursue a Master’s degree in Florida.

[Excerpt from Dr. Bibiana Diaz' Recommendation Letter.]

Commencement Speaker: Kiara Oregon

Kiara Oregon

Watch Kiara's speech at CAL Commencement

2021-2022 Scholarship Award Winners

WLL Scholarship

Beatris Casillas

1st Generation Acto Latino Scholarship

Veronica Barajas

Margarita Casillas

Acto Latino Scholarship

Selene Ulloa