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Cross Cultural Center

Center Update

The Cross Cultural Center will continue to support our community during this virtual quarter.  Please feel free to connect with our Assistant Director Jacob Chacko at with any question. In addition please continue staying in touch with us via Instagram @smsu.ccc

Upcoming Programs

- Join the First Peoples’ Center’s Kickstart your Career Series. The first program Social Media Do’s & Don’ts on Tuesday, April 7th from 2pm-3pmRSVP for Social Media Do's & Don'ts

SMSU First Peoples Center KICK START YOUR CAREER Social Media Dos and Donts Tuesday April 7 2pm-3pm

- Join the Cross Cultural Center’s CommuniTEA Series. The first program featuring Professor Michaelsun Stonesweat Knapp on Tuesday, April 14th from 12pm-1pm.  RSVP for CommunniTEA - Professor Michaelsun Stonesweat Knapp 

- Join the First Peoples’ Center’s Kickstart your Career Series. The second program Resume and Cover-letter Building on Tuesday, May 5th from 2pm-3pm.  RSVP for Resume and Cover-letter Building

SMSU First Peoples Center KICK START YOUR CAREER Resume & Cover Letter Building Tuesday May 5 2pm-3pm

- Join the Cross Cultural Center’s CommuniTEA Series. The second program featuring Professor Angela Peñaredondo on Tuesday, May 19th from 12pm-1pmRSVP for CommunniTEA - Professor Angela Peñaredondo

- Join the First Peoples’ Center’s Kickstart your Career Series. The third program Myers Briggs Personality Test on Tuesday, May 19th from 2pm-3pm. RSVP for Myers Briggs Personality Test

SMSU First Peoples Center KICK START YOUR CAREER Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator Tuesday May 19 2pm-3pm

About the Cross Cultural Center

The Cross Cultural Center helps to promote cultural awareness across the CSUSB campus.  We do this by hosting various events throughout the school year.  The center also provides a relaxing atmosphere for students to study, use computers, or just hang out in between classes.

The Cross Cultural Center focuses on issues of race and ethnicity in its mission to provide space for students from all racial and ethnic groups.  The CCC provides programs and services to aid in students' personal, educational, cultural, social, political, and professional growth and to foster a sense of community. Its programs and services combine to create a place for students to explore issues of identity, ethnic and cultural diversity and work towards ending intolerance by the development of understanding. 

The CCC has three integrated identity centers on campus (LatinX, Pan African, First Peoples’), a result of student led initiatives. The process encompassed many hours of research, meetings, forums, and round tables to discuss how these centers would promote retention and graduation rates for the underrepresented minorities (URMs). The administration and staff welcomed the invitation to be a part of this process and work with a dynamic group of students. These efforts highlight CSUSB’s first strategic goal: Student Success. The identity centers promote and celebrate all cultures with respect and integrity.


  • Computer Lab with Printer
  • Complimentary Popcorn
  • Cultural Library
  • Comfortable Environment for Relaxing and Studying

Center Hours

  • Monday - Thursday: 9:00 AM - 7:00 PM
  • Friday: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
  • Saturday - Sunday: CLOSED

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