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When is the latest I can cancel my reservation?

Cancellation of regular meetings or minor events must be made no later than five business days prior to the event.  Cancellation of major events (dances, banquets, concerts, etc.) must be make ten business days prior to the event.

Labor charges will be assessed for cancellations made outside of these timeframes.

Failure to relinquish unused space twice in one semester will result in loss of scheduling privileges for the ten academic weeks immediately following the sanction.

How much in advance can I request space?

Campus departments and chartered student organizations can request space up to a year in advance (with the exception of chartered student organization regular meetings). 

Chartered student organizations may request space for regular meetings beginning six months before the beginning of the semester requested.  

Campus community members requesting space for private use and off-campus groups may request space six months in advance.

When will my event require an audio/visual technician?

An audio/visual technician will be required any time SMSU audio/visual is requested (with the exception of a smart system).   Charges will include setup time, event time, and tear-down time.

What are the costs associated with reserving a room?

Costs vary depending on your campus affiliation.  For chartered student organizations, no facility use fee is assessed, however charges for setup, audio/visual technicians, building managers, custodial services, dance floors, University Police and heating and air may apply.  For campus departments and off-campus clients, facility use fees and the aforementioned charges may apply.


Special note for student organizations:

No facility use fees will be charged if your event meets the following criteria:

  • More than half of the attendees are CSUSB students
  • The student organization is solely financial responsible for any charges
  • All event planning is done by the student organization

What are the standard room setups?

Standard room setups are as follows.  Please note that any deviation from these standard setups will incur a setup charge.

  • Events Center A:  Banquet
  • Events Center B:  Lecture
  • Events Center C:  Lecture
  • Skyboxes (207/208 and 210/211):  Conference
  • Fourplex Room 215:  Conference
  • Fourplex Room 216:  Conference
  • Fourplex Room 217:  Lecture
  • Fourplex Room 218:  Lecture

Clients may not perform their own room setups.

When will I receive a confirmation?

You will receive a confirmation after your request has been approved.  For campus departments this is approximately 2 – 3 days.  For chartered student organizations, this is approximately 2 – 3 days after OSE approves your request.

When and how do I pay for my event?

Chartered student organizations and campus departments will be billed after their event.  An invoice will be forwarded to you and payment is due within 30 days of the invoice date.  Once you receive your invoice, please take it, along with your payment, to the Santos Manuel Student Union Administrative office located in SU 222.  Checks should be made payable to the Santos Manuel Student Union. 

Off campus groups must have payment in full 10 business days before their event.  A deposit of ½ the total cost is required to hold the space. 

Only checks and cash are accepted.

What are the deadlines for requesting space?

Space for regular meetings must be requested seven days in advance.  Space for minor events must be requested two weeks in advance.  Space for major events (dances, banquets, concerts, etc.)  must be requested one month in advance.

Can I serve alcohol?

Chartered student organizations are not allowed to have alcohol at their events.

All events requesting to serve alcoholic beverages must fill out the Alcohol Use Permit form. The permit will be reviewed and submitted to University Police for approval.  Only beer and wine may be served.   The sponsoring organization must purchase the alcohol and it can only be served by campus dining.

NOTE: If an organization is charging admission for a reception/dinner where alcohol is served, in addition to the permit indicated above, an ABC-221 form must be completed.

How do I check the availability of a room?

Availability can be checked by calling 909.537.5962, visiting the Santos Manuel Student Union Scheduling Office in room 223, or by using the EMS WebApp.

Will I need University Police presence at my event and is there a charge?

The University Police Department will be notified of any event expecting more than 150 guests.  If they determine that police officer presence is necessary, the sponsoring organization will be responsible for all related costs.

How do I handle parking for my off-campus guests?

Parking is enforced 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Please contact Parking Services to make parking arrangements for your event.

How do we coordinate food?

Campus dining has exclusive rights to provide food and beverages on the CSUSB campus.  They will work with your ideas and budget to create a menu for your event.  Campus dining is located in the Upper Commons, room 219 and can also be reached at 909.537.5916.   Menus and pricing may be viewed on our catering page

Are there any restrictions on decorations or food?

Nothing may be taped to any surfaces and no glitter may be used.  Red drinks may not be served.