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Board of Directors

The Santos Manel Student Union Board of Directors is the governing body for the Student Union of CSUSB. The Board's decisions help ensure that the Student Union serves the diverse needs of the campus community by encouraging quality social, cultural and intellectual activities and support services.

The Board of Directors oversees the programs and operations of the Santos Manuel Student Union. The Student Union, a non-profit corporation and an auxiliary of the University, student Board representatives enhance their skills and resumes by operating a million-dollar non-profit corporation before college graduation. The Santos Manuel Student Union Board of Directors makes policy to ensure the fiscal viability and effective operation of the Student Union building and its programs and services.

The Board of Directors is comprised of seven students-at-large, the Associated Students Inc. President and Executive Vice President, one CSUSB alumni representative, the University President (or designee), two faculty representatives, one campus administrative representative, and the Student Union Executive Director.

All CSUSB students who demonstrate campus involvement and enthusiasm are encouraged to apply for student representative positions.

Contact the Board

For more information contact the Student Union Administrative Office by calling (909) 537-7201 or email  

Meetings (2023-2024)

BOD Meeting Schedule
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2023-2024 Board Members

Angelica Agudo, Chair

Jose Hernandez, Vice-Chair

Jocelyn Paz, Controller

Vacant, Secretary

Vacant, Alumni Representative

Daniel Arana, Student Representative

Eric Tafoya, Student Representative

Gary Williams, Student Representative

Carson Fajardo, ASI President (Ex-Officio)

Julia Ruiz, ASI Executive Vice-President (Ex-Officio)

Dr. Daria Graham, Associate Vice President for Student Affairs, President's Designee (Ex-Officio)

Davina Lindsey, Administrative Representative

TBA, Faculty Representative

TBA, Faculty Representative

Jesse Felix, SMSU Executive Director, Chief Financial Officer