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SMSU Staff Directory
First Name Last Name Position Email

Phone #

Francisco Alfaro Interim Manager, Campus Operations Palm Desert 7-8105
Kimberly-Anne Anacleto Creative Specialist 7-3181
Monica Baeza Scheduling Coordinator 7-3950
Sasha Baltazar Interim Rancho Mirage Student Center Coordinator 7-8223
Roryana Bowman Interim Pan-African Student Success Affinity Center Coordinator 7-3884
Jasmine Bustillos Shared Services Coordinator 7-4390
Debanhi Escobar LatinX Affinity Center Coordinator 7-4191
Jesse Felix Executive Director 7-3954
Jared Fisk Marketing Manager 7-3942
Carlos (Two Bears) Gonzales First People's Affinity Center Coordinator 7-3502
Christine Grott Executive Assistant to the Executive Director 7-5258
Paloma Hinojosa Interim Asia Pacific Islander Affinity Center Coordinator 7-7204
Tamara Holder Osher Adult Re-Entry Affinity Center Coordinator 7-3454
Matthew Jenkins Services Coordinator 7-7055
Monie Johnson Maintenance Custodian 7-3943
Maria Najera-Neri Budget Analyst 7-3956
Mario Orellana AV Specialist 7-5954
Jennifer Puccinelli Interim Human Resources Manager 7-3882
Robert Rodriguez Maintenance Specialist 7-3943
Anthony Roberson Associate Director of Operations 7-7198
Juan Serrato Maintenance Custodian 7-3943
Navneet Singh Women's Resource Affinity Center Coordinator 7-3554
Lee Stovall Queer & Transgendered Resource Affinity Center Coordinator 7-7715
Rich Strawter Information Technology Coordinator 7-5264
Mildred Vargas Maintenance Custodian 7-3943
Maria Vasquez Maintenance Custodian 7-3943
Rosemary Zometa Associate Director of Student Services and Philanthropic Giving 7-3241
Vacant   Financial Literacy and Graduate Success Center Coordinator    



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