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Board of Directors Committees

Candidate Requirements:

Have a cumulative 2.5 GPA in order to apply and maintain a 2.5 GPA both semesterly and cumulatively for continued eligibility.

Be regularly enrolled in at least six undergraduate units or three graduate units each semester.

Be in good standing with the University in regards to academics, financial, and student conduct.

Abide by the CSUSB Student Conduct Code and remain in good standing with regard to the CSUSB Student Conduct Code.


Complete the application and email it to Steven Avila at

If you have any questions, please contact Steven Avila at or (909) 537-5258.

Finance & Contracts Committee

This committee will aid in drafting a budget for the following fiscal year and present its proposed budget to the Board of Directors for consideration and approval. This committee will meet annually with the auditors to discuss the annual financial audit as well as consider any other financial matters that may arise and recommend its position on such matters to the Board of Directors.


Policies & Procedures Committee

This committee prepares, reviews, and recommends policies and procedures related to the overall use of the facility, to the Board of Directors for approval.


Strategic Planning Committee

This committee will review annually and provide recommendations to the Board of Directors to update the Strategic Plan, as appropriate.


Facilities and Sustainability Committee

This committee will discuss the operational systems within the Santos Manuel Student Union facilities, including but not limited to, long-range planning, construction, expansions, renovations, and space usage. This committee will review the commercial services operations in the Santos Manuel Student Union, including but not limited to dining and convenience store services, reviewing price increases or decreases, and providing findings to the Board of Directors. The committee shall meet with the Dining Services General Manager and the University Enterprise Corporation Executive Director as needed to monitor the commercial services operation within the facility. In efforts to maintain its commitment to sustainable practices, this committee will research CSU's and other schools' efforts regarding encouraging sustainability, new environmental strategies, and energy-saving initiatives to make recommendations that improve the SMSU’s sustainable practices.


Recreation and Wellness Committee

This committee shall act as a sub-committee of the SMSU Board of Directors and shall advise on policy, budgets and operation of the recreational activities and programs of the Student Recreation & Wellness Center. The committee shall submit documents necessary for approval of the policies of the Student Recreation & Wellness Center and the annual budget of Student Union funds used for the Recreation and Wellness Department.


Audit Committee

The committee will make recommendations to the Board of Directors on the hiring and firing of independent certified public accountants (CPAs). The audit committee can negotiate the independent CPA's compensation on behalf of the Board of Directors. This committee will confer with the auditor to satisfy committee members that the financial affairs of the Santos Manuel Student Union are in order. The committee will review the audit and make recommendations to the board of directors to accept the audit and will approve non-audit services by the independent CPAs accounting firm, and ensure such services conform to standards in the Yellow Book issued by the U.S. Comptroller General.