Meet the DHRE Team

Leadership Team

Jon Merchant 
Jon Merchant 
Interim Director
(909) 537-4160

DHRE Kimberly Laurenson Executive Assistant
Kimberly Laurenson
Executive Assistant
(909) 537-4161

Associate Director for Facilities

David Prinz
Associate Director for Operations
(909) 537-4347

Holly Allar
Holly Allar
Associate Director for Residential
(909) 537-3680

Residential Education Team

Natali Cleary Assistant Director of Student Support & Success
Natalie Cleary
Student Support & Success Specialist
(909) 537-3993

Shannon DeCormier, Area Coordinator of Residential Education
Shannon DeCormier
Area Coordinator of Residential Education - Coyote Village
(909) 537-3763

Jourdan Hilaire
Student Leadership & Development Specialist
(909) 537-3645

Area Coordinator of Residential Education - University Village

Academic Initiatives and Student Success Specialist
Timothy Bethune
Academic Initiatives & Student Success Specialist
(909) 537-3291

Kirsten Levine, Area Coordinator of Residential Education, RHA Advisor
Kirsten Levine
Area Coordinator of Residential Education - Serrano Village
(909) 537-4158

Jasmin Ortiz
Area Coordinator of Residential Education - Arrowhead Village
(909) 537-5964

Facilities / Maintenance and Custodial Team

Facilities Supervisor

Judy Kham, Administrative Support Coordinator
Judy Kham
Adminstrative Support Coordinator
(909) 537-5245

Maria Sanchez, Maintenance - Lead Custodian
Maria Sanchez
Custodial Lead
(909) 537-5944

Gerrard Semien, Maintenance - Lead Custodian
Gerrard Semien
Custodial Lead
(909) 537-5944

Administrative Team

Rosa Vargas-Garcia
Rosa Garcia-Vargas
Budget Analyst
(909) 537-4156

Monica Braceros, Admin Analyst Specialist
Monica Braceros
Housing Assignment Analyst
(909) 537-4157

Cathie Weber
Cathie Weber
Outreach & Guest Services Coordinator
(909) 537-4163


Amanda Ferguson
Amanda Ferguson
Coordinator for Research & Assessment
(909) 537-4201