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Living Learning Communities

Living Learning Communities, known as LLCs, are open to all students living on campus at California State University, San Bernardino. Students who participate in these residential communities have the opportunity to live with other students who share similar identities, fields of study, or interests. LLC residents are supported academically and socially through intentional programs, and interacting with University faculty and staff partners to create opportunities to integrate classroom learning and student success.

Students are able to select a LLC on the 2024-2025 housing application!

Benefits of Living in a LLC

  • LLCs support the personal development and academic success of our residents.
  • Each LLC is unique, offering students the chance to live with others who share similar interests and/or identities, as well as the opportunity to interact with faculty, staff, peers, and campus departments.
  • Residents create a community that embraces progressive conversations around personal and identity development, professional life skills, and self-reflection.

2024-2025 Living Learning Communities

Be Well Yotes

The Be Well Yotes Living Learning Community provides an environment that emphasizes a holistic approach to wellness at CSUSB through several dimensions of wellness.  This living and learning community engages new and continuing students in activities that promote spiritual, environmental, social, physical, emotional, intellectual, and financial health.  With the assistance of numerous campus partners and programs, Be Well Yotes participants explore their own sense of wellness and ideally grow in their wellness alongside their peers.  First year and continuing students have their own unique residential learning communities, but both have access to on-campus resources and exclusive events.

Black Residential Scholars

The Black Residential Scholars (BRS) Living Learning Community is devoted to elevating the CSUSB experiences of Black students by providing residents with academic, social and cultural resources.  First year and continuing students have their own unique residential learning community, but together strive to create opportunities for all residents to continue their development as future Black student leaders. In collaboration with CSUSB African American student leadership organizations, Black Faculty, Staff and Student Association, and the Pan-African Center, BRS aspires to be a community that supports CSUSB Black students by welcoming them to CSUSB and opening avenues for mentorship, self-discovery, and empowerment as future leaders.

First Year Residential Honors Scholars

First Year Residential Honors Scholars (RHS) provides an experiential living learning community for first year students in the CSUSB University Honors Program. First Year RHS students take Honors classes together, and students engage in events and opportunities specially tailored to the interests and needs of academically high-performing students.  Residents of this community live together in Coyote Village, which is also home to the CSUSB University Honors Program. Residents benefit from increased access to faculty, staff, and like-minded peers who work collaboratively to help residents transition into their studies. Through workshops and activities, residents will be immersed in a strengths-based environment where students create a community of support to cultivate life-long connections, enhance their leadership skills, and maximize the ways their strengths can help them achieve academic, career, and personal success. Students in this living learning community will be enrolled as a cohort in HON 1100 Writing Rhetorically for the Fall 2024 Semester. This course satisfies the General Education (GE) requirements A2, Written Communication and E Foundation Seminar.

LatinX Residential Scholars

The LatinX Residential Scholars Living Learning Community is devoted to creating a supportive environment for LatinX students and allies. First year and continuing students have their own unique residential learning community. Both communities provide a space for students to embrace and celebrate the many LatinX cultures while creating a close-knit multicultural community. In collaboration with the Association of Latino Faculty, Staff and Students, residents of this community will benefit by having access to activities, and faculty and staff members who have a strong interest in supporting LatinX students at CSUSB.  

LGBTQIA+ Living Learning Community

The LGBTQIA+ (lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer or questioning, intersex, or asexual) Living Learning Community is devoted to elevating the CSUSB experience for residents who identify as part of the LGBTQIA+ community. In collaboration with faculty, staff, and the Queer and Transgender Resource Center (QTRC), the LGBTQIA+ LLC aims to create a safe and inclusive community for residents by providing a space for personal wellness and academic success.  LLC members will have access to programming and leadership opportunities that help them in the development of their multidimensional personal and social identities. 

Residential Honors Scholars

Residential Honors Scholars (RHS) living learning community is intended for students beyond their first year in the University Honors Program. RHS offers residents a community where they can focus on growing as a CSUSB student, while preparing for their next academic and/or professional journey. Residents of this community have access to activities and opportunities, as well as faculty and staff members who have a strong interest in supporting students in their research and professional development. Through workshops and activities, residents will continue to be immersed in a supportive, strengths-based environment focusing on academic, career, and personal growth. RHS members help contribute to the First Year RHS community by serving as informal mentors.

Transfer Living Learning Community

The Transfer Living Learning Community brings together incoming and continuing transfer students, offering them opportunities to connect and grow with other transfer students. Transfer LLC residents will benefit from an academically and socially supportive environment offering unique programs designed to help them transition to life on campus, build a strong connection with the campus, and get the most out of their CSUSB experience. In addition, residents will have access to a wide range of campus resources, faculty and staff, workshops, and a built-in peer network.

Women in Science and Engineering

The Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Living Learning Community provides first year and continuing female students in science, technology, computer engineering, or math majors with the unique opportunity to live together in a supportive residential community. Residents living in this community will engage in networking opportunities and events that help women develop a support system of STEM majors/minors. WISE residents will connect with campus resources, faculty, and staff to assist and empower women while at CSUSB and pursuing a STEM major/minor.