Moving Out

Vacating at the end of the Academic Year


Plan your packing and cleaning in advance - it will likely take longer than you anticipate to prepare for checkout. In order to checkout properly: 

  • Your room/apartment must be cleaned.
  • All belongings must be removed, including trash and recycling.
  • Must bring you keycard and/or room key to check out.
  • Mailbox key must be returned to the Housing Annex (if applicable).
  • Windows and doors must be locked.
  • All university-owned furniture must be in its original place.


Each resident must check out of their assigned room through a A) VILLAGE STAFF CHECKOUT or B) EXPRESS CHECKOUT.


  • Residents may contact your RA directly to arrange a check out time or contact the RA on call during duty hours. Hall staff will have designated check out time during finals week.
  • Residents must make sure their space is empty of belongings and cleaned before checking out.


  • Residents who opt for Express Checkout waive their right to appeal any damage or cleaning charges and will have their room inspected by DHRE Staff at a later date.
  • Residents who participate in Express Checkout should make sure their space is empty of belongings and cleaned before checking out.  Coordinate cleaning of any common spaces with roommate(s) if applicable.


A $100.00 fine will be imposed on anyone who does not checkout appropriately.

  • Room/apartment not thoroughly cleaned.
  • Trash and/or any items left behind in rooms.
  • Not returning all keys.
  • Not locking windows and doors upon exit.
  • All university owned furniture not being in its original place.


If there are damages to the room that you are not responsible for, you must notify your RA before you checkout.  If it is unclear who caused the damage and the damages are in a common space, charges will be divided equally between all roommates. Housing DOES NOT provide cleaning supplies, vacuums, or trash bags.  

Charges will be assessed by the Department of Housing and Residential Education for cleaning, item and/or trash removal and damages beyond normal wear and tear.  

Vacating during the Academic Year

The Housing & Residence Education License Agreement is binding for the full academic year. The fee period starts the day the residence halls open and ends in May, on commencement. To vacate the residence halls, you must submit the Cancellation Request form. To learn more about the cancellation process, visit the Cancellation page.