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Living on Campus: So Much to Offer!

Living on Campus: So Much to Offer!

Pros of Living ON Campus Cons of Living OFF Campus
Academic Year lease, and Summer option Typically requires a 12-month lease 
All expenses (utilities, water, trash, Wi-Fi) are included Added costs such as: Wi-Fi, utilities, water, trash, etc.
You only pay for YOUR expenses You may be obligated to pay additional bills if your roommate moves out
Just steps away from classes and resources Daily commute to and from campus 

Study groups, tutoring and academic resources are available; Students earn higher grades and graduate sooner

Reduced study time due to unexpected road closures, highway backups, and traffic accidents
All residence halls and apartments are furnished Many apartments are not furnished 
Make numerous friends when you live on campus; these relationships can turn into lifelong friendships Possibility of feeling isolated from school and friends 

On-campus leadership opportunities (volunteer and compensated), and on-campus student employment

Find ways to build involvement into schedules with classes and work 
Safety through student and professional staff living in the halls and University Police is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Security and response time vary by location
Free events/activities and interact more frequently with faculty and peers where you live Cost of gasoline; wear and tear on automobile
Meal plans are available for first year and continuing/transfer residents Buy your own groceries, schedule time for making meals
Room change options during contract period to live with new on-campus friends Students will often have to find a [random] roommate to share expenses 
Students are more satisfied with their college experience