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RHA Executive Board 2022-2023 Elections: Apply Now!

The election process has begun for the 2022-2023 RHA Executive Board! These positions are extraordinary leadership opportunities that serve an integral part of the Residential Education program. You are encouraged to read through the RHA Election Packet for details on the position descriptions, compensation, and the election timeline. There are five (5) available positions on the Executive Board for 2022-2023:

  • Director (12-month position)
  • National Communications Coordinator (12-month position)
  • Programming Coordinator (12-month position)
  • Business Administration Coordinator (academic year position)
  • Marketing Coordinator (academic year position)

These positions are extraordinary leadership opportunities that serve an integral part of the Residential Education program. You are encouraged to read through the RHA Election Packet for details on the position descriptions, compensation, and the election timeline.

RHA Executive Board Elections Information Packet

Apply to run for an RHA Executive Board position

Elections Process Timeline

April 4: Application Opens 

April 18: Application closes at 8:00am

April 19: Qualified candidates will receive an email to confirm their status (eligible to proceed, ineligible), and candidates may begin campaigning 

April 28th: In-person presentations at General Board meeting time 

April 28th: Electronic voting process opens, immediately after General Board presentations concludes

May 2nd: Voting closes at 12:00pm, election winners will be announced later the same day

May 3 - 13th: Outgoing RHA Executive board will help transition the incoming RHA Executive board, specific details and dates during this period will be determined with the elected candidates. 

June 24 - 26th: Virtual NACURH National Conference

About Us

Welcome from the Residence Halls Association! RHA is a student-run executive board that represents the four Villages here at CSUSB.  RHA represents CSUSB students that live on campus. The mission of RHA is to enhance the residential experience through programming, advocacy, and leadership development. Every student living in campus housing is a member, and has opportunities to get involved.

A Guide to the Residence Halls Association

The Residence Halls Association (RHA) exists to:

  • Provide residential students leadership opportunities to participate within the Department of Housing and Residential Education.
  • Provide residential students a venue for voicing their needs and concerns on a departmental, institutional, and national level.
  • Provide residential students opportunities to actualize the mission and purpose of this department and institution.

Get Involved in RHA!

If you are interested in promoting community development, developing hall pride, and being a voice for the residents, this organization is for you! Becoming involved in RHA includes developing and creating exciting activities, meeting new residents living on campus, leadership opportunities, and making a difference in your community.

  • Attending weekly RHA General Board meetings on Thursdays at 3:30pm in the Coyote Village Multi-Purpose Room
  • Join your community’s Village Council as an Executive or General Board Member
  • Attend RHA and Village Council programs
  • Support RHA fundraising efforts and services
  • Follow us and stay updated on Social Media

RHA is here for YOU; helping you to get involved and have a great on-campus experience!

Contact RHA

If you have any questions or concerns for the Residence Halls Association Executive Board, please email

Meet the 2021-2022 RHA Executive Board

RHA Director, Destiny Shavers


Destiny Shavers

Hi Yoties! My name is Destiny Shavers and I have the pleasure of being your Residence Halls Association Director for the 21-22 academic year. I am a fourth year and my major is psychology. A couple fun facts about me are that I absolutely love listening to music and I enjoy writing poetry. I am so excited for this academic year and I can't wait for you all to see the amazing programs and activities that RHA has planned for you. I am honored to represent you and advocate for you as well. Always remember that if you have any questions or concerns, I will be more than happy to listen and solve any problem you have. Have a great year and always remember that I will be here to support you!

RHA NCC, Mariah Somarriba

National Communications Coordinator

Mariah Somarriba

Hello Yoties! I’m Mariah Somarriba, your National Communications Coordinator for RHA during the 2021-2022 academic year. I’m currently a third year biology major also minoring in mathematics. I hope to operate my own animal hospital in the future. I currently own four dogs and three cats back at home. My favorite hobby is reading, especially fantasy, so if you have any book recommendations please let me know!

Programming Coordinator, Christine Pangan

Programming Coordinator

Christine Pangan

Hello Yoties! My name is Christine Pangan, I'm a third year Social Work major. I am your programming coordinator for this school year. I love baking, cooking, and am just open for adventures! So feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions and suggestions to help improve our community!

Marketing Coordinator, Esmeralda Solorio-Servin

Marketing Coordinator

Esmeralda Solorio-Servin

Hello Hello Everyone ! My name is Esme! I am a fourth year majoring in English Literature. One of my biggest goal is to become a teacher and upon the years open up more public schools for everyone to access. Some fun things about me are I am addicted to coffee, and I love to travel and explore new places! My biggest quote I take to heart is “VidaSolo Una”! I am currently your Marketing Coordinator; my job is managing publicity and information about RHA activities. Be sure to check us out on our social media platforms! If you ever need anything be sure to reach out. I or my team will be happy to help! I cannot express how excited I am to work with you all!

RHA BAC, Daisy Ramos

Business Administration Coordinator

Daisy Ramos

Hello everyone, my name is Daisy Ramos Gomez, I will be serving as your Business Administration Coordinator (BAC) this year. I am a fourth year Business Administration major with a concentration in Entrepreneurship and look forward to going into Public Policy in the future. I love being adventurous, going on hikes, as well as baking, binge watching movies/shows, and sleeping when I get the chance. It’s great to see our residents back in person and seeing how we can best support you all. Please feel free to stop by my office hours or say hi to me if you ever see me walking around campus! Go Yoties!


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