Faculty in Residence

Faculty in Residence

Faculty in Residence (FIR) are CSUSB faculty members who are invested in directly impacting students' residential experiences. In collaboration with Student Affairs, FIRs work in close partnership with the Department of Housing and Residential Education team in enhancing the academic environment, and supporting academic excellence with the residential communities. Faculty in Residence live in the campus communities, form strong connections with residents, and become a vital academic and community leader. Faculty in Residence bridge the classroom experience by hosting regular conversations over dinner, hosting guest speakers, & organizing and implementing community events.

Meet the Faculty in Residence Team

Richard Addante

Arrowhead Village
College: Social and Behavioral Sciences     
Department: Psychology

Richard Addante FIR




Assistant Professor of Psychology at CSUSB and Director of the EEG Research Lab, studying learning, memory, and brain waves.  I am the oldest of 7 kids and was the first in my family to graduate from college. At CSUSB I direct the EEG Laboratory for cognitive neuroscience, and get to work together with students and colleagues to make some cool discoveries about how humans think, behave, and make mistakes. We then apply that to studies of clinical amnesia patients, healthy young adults, and sometimes even in studies of astronauts. I was the Psychology Department's "Most Pie-able Professor" in 2017 for taking the most pies in the face to raise money for the Campus DEN (which is a food pantry for homeless and food-insecure students), and the Outstanding Faculty Research Mentor in 2019.  Hobbies include photography & videography, listening to podcasts & music, watching movies, training running the CSUSB hills, and playing with my greyhound, Juno. Some fun facts: my wife is a Veterinarian, so we get to work with lots of adorable animals; and Juno has an occasional Instagram at @junogreyhound. 

Manijeh Badiee

Coyote Village
College: Social and Behavioral Sciences     
Department: Psychology

Manijeh Badiee FIR





I am an Associate Professor in Psychology and teach in the Masters of Science in Clinical Counseling program. I feel honored and privileged to train the next generation of mental health therapists. I am happy to serve as a Faculty in Residence for Coyote Village! I live with my partner, Sina, and my giant dog, Bear. We enjoy living on campus and getting to know the residents. I am a first generation immigrant from Iran and grew up in Texas. I come from a close knit family and I remember how difficult it was to leave them to live on campus when I was an undergraduate student. I know firsthand the importance of finding support networks in college. That is one of the reasons I love being a Faculty In Residence; I hope to help first year students adjust to living on campus. I appreciate hearing residents’ stories and am happy to share my own experiences and struggles. My goals as a FIR are to build connections with residents, help make CSUSB home, support them in succeeding academically, professionally, and personally, and make their campus life memorable, enjoyable, and enriching. My hobbies include hiking, coloring, dancing, spending time with loved ones, and art activities (e.g., drawing, painting, etc.).

Edwin Hernandez

Serrano Village
College: Education        
Department: Special Education, Rehabilitation and Counseling

Edwin Hernandez FIR





Edwin Hernandez is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Special Education, Rehabilitation, and Counseling at California State University, San Bernardino. He is the son of immigrant parents from Durango, Mexico and is originally from South Los Angeles. His research examines issues of equity and access in education, with a focus on institutional culture and how it shapes student’s experience across the educational pipeline. Edwin has previously served as a bilingual school counselor and mentor in schools and community-based organizations. He received a B.A. in Sociology from California State University, Northridge, an M.A. in Bilingual School Counseling from New York University, and a Ph.D. in Education from the University of California, Los Angeles. 

Angela Horner

Serrano Village
College: Natural Sciences     
Department: Biology

Angela Horner FIR


I am a newly tenured Associate Professor of Biology, and am actively involved in student organizations on campus. I’m excited to start as a Faculty in Residence so I can help students feel more at home here at CSUSB. My father was in the Air Force and so my family moved around quite a bit—I was born in England, in fact! I grew up in Ohio, and went to college in Kentucky at a very small liberal arts college where I didn’t know anyone at first. Living on campus connected to me a new kind of ‘family’ that I’m still very close to years later, and I hope our new residents will get to share in that same experience.

I teach Anatomy related courses on campus, including the ‘infamous’ Anatomy and Physiology courses. Research in my lab focuses on locomotion in animals; currently I have mice and kangaroo rats in my lab being trained to exercise on treadmills! I usually have several students working on research in my lab, and strive to make sure that every student gets a chance to do research with a faculty mentor while at CSUSB. In the future, I also hope to establish a study abroad program in Central America to engage students in learning about ecology and biodiversity in a tropical environment.

Closer to home, I’m eager to share with our resident students some of the ecological wonders we have in our own backyard; the San Bernardino mountains are one of the most ecologically rich zones in the US! My husband Peter Braun loves to play guitar, golf, and chat about plants and sports. As a plant biologist, he is an expert on local flora and is looking forward to helping with nature walks. Our son Calvin is very talkative and loves to meet new people. Despite being born to two biologists, Calvin’s favorite things are machines—he loves cars, trucks, and especially helicopters. We all love to hike, fish, and ski, and plan to be more active in the CSUSB Outdoors Club. We can’t wait to meet the residents, and look forward to a new year!

Jasmine Lee 

College: Arts & Letters
Department: English  


I am an Assistant Professor in the department of English. My research focuses on rhetoric and composition, critical theory, affect, and popular culture. Put more simply, I am interested in how we read the world and use writing to move through it and shape it, and how rhetorical practices help us learn about ourselves and live intentionally with others. I am very excited to be a campus resident and to return to the Inland Empire. (Believe it or not, I missed the winds!) I am originally from the area; I attended K-12 schools just down the road from CSUSB, tutored at other local schools, and worked at Chaffey College for a few years. I earned a BA in Literature/Writing from UC San Diego, an MA in English Composition / Literature from CSUSB, and an MA and PhD in English at UC Irvine. I live on campus with my partner, Joel (a software engineer and also an IE local!), and our cat, Apollo. When we’re not obsessing over our kitty, we enjoy traveling and exploring new places, cooking and eating, drinking lots of delicious coffee, camping and road-tripping, listening to podcasts, reading, re-watching old TV favorites, and learning new skills. (Joel is currently into 3-D modeling and printing, I’m steadily improving my knitting and sewing abilities, and we’ve recently gotten into woodworking and tried our hands at welding). We’re looking forward to living and learning with you!

David Marshall

Coyote Village
College: Arts and Letters    
Department: English

David Marshall FIR


A Professor of English and Director of the University Honors Program, I grew up on the east coast. While in college at College of the Holy Cross, I played rugby and was active in theatre. After college I taught high school English and drama for a year before going to England to earn a Master's degree in Medieval Studies. From there I went to Indiana University to get my PhD in English, with a specialty in medieval literature. I joined the English Department at CSUSB in 2007, and until 2010 most of my research was on how the middle ages get used in contemporary popular culture, things like movies, games and comics. Since then, I have facilitated higher education reform projects all over the country and have shifted my research interests to that area.

When I’m not teaching or minding the Honors Program, I fill my time with a variety of activities.
I love stories, and so I can often be found reading novels and comic books or watching movies.
I also have a creative streak and enjoy photography and woodworking. Games are another favorite pastime, and I enjoy playing board games, card games, and role-playing games with my two sons. I also have a part-time job as an emotional support human for my anxious German Shepherd, Shelby, who is afraid of the dark.

Jordan Perez Fullam

University Village
College: Education     
Department: Teacher Education and Foundations

Jordan Perez-Fullam FIR


I am an Assistant Professor of Teacher Education and Foundations in the College of Education. Before joining the Cal State San Bernardino community, I taught English and Philosophy at a public high school in Brooklyn. I also worked for several years at New York University on projects to transform schools and address issues of equity and social justice in public education. My research interests include school culture, youth activism, instructional video, mindfulness for teachers, educational equity, and educational philosophy. I believe that building a strong sense of community and solidarity among our students in the residence halls is among the most important work we do here at CSUSB. This is what I think of as the real work of teaching -- building relationships, making connections across differences, and learning together. The FIR program allows me to undertake this work in a way that would not be possible if teaching was limited to the four walls of the classroom. 

I live in University Village with my wife and partner-in-all-things, Tiana Perez Fullam, who is a CSUSB student and also works in the Department of Housing and Residential Education. We enjoy running, hiking, and exercising outdoors. We are also passionate about music and spend a lot of our free time creating and listening to music. We care very much for our small collection of Fender guitars and take every opportunity to participate in a good jam session. To share our love of music with the residential community, we host weekly jam sessions in our home. Students come by with their instruments to jam with us, and sometimes students come just to listen to the music and hang out. We also enjoy discussing current events, politics, art, relationships, education, wellness, and other topics over good tea and coffee; and we host a monthly "Socrates Cafe" when we welcome students into our home for informal dialogue and community-building. Living on campus, I have found that residential students here at CSUSB are friendly, caring, and supportive, and are great to have as friends and neighbors. Tiana and I appreciate the opportunity the FIR program provides us to work closely with students and staff in the residential community.