Campus Safety

Your safety is our first priority. Our residents' safety and security in Housing and Residential Education at CSUSB and around the campus is important to us. Housing & Residential Education, in coordination with the University Police, works to provide a safe and healthy living environment for all students through several resources.

Measures to ensure Students’ Safety:

  • Resident Assistants on-duty each evening from 5:00 pm - 8:00 am. These highly trained students are available to assist residents with all questions and concerns and have extensive training to handle emergency situations. If the RA needs assistance, Areas Coordinators (ACs) are available 24 hours a day. The AC's are full-time, live-in professionals, with a background in Higher Education, are always available by phone to assist in crisis situations.
  • Immediate University Police response and support
  • All doors leading to residence hall rooms and apartments are locked 24 hours a day.
  • Security cameras throughout the Villages
  • “Blue Phones” located throughout Villages
  • Video security cameras are operating in public spaces in all facilities.

Personal Safety

Taking responsibility for your personal safety is imperative in a community living environment. Resident Assistants perform rounds each night at and police services are available; however, please take the following measures to protect yourself:

  • Carry your key at all times. Do not lend your key to anybody.
  • Don’t let people you do not know “tailgate” into the hall behind you.
  • Lock your door, even if you are just going next door or using the restroom.
  • Avoid walking alone at night. Walk with a friend or call the Community Service Officer (CSO) Escort Service at (909) 537-5165.
  • Do not prop exterior doors open.
  • Report any non-locking doors and windows to your RA or the Office of Housing and Residential Life, especially on the first floor.
  • Report unsafe or suspicious items or persons to your RA or the Department of Housing and Residential Education and/or University Police.
  • Do not store items in hallways or obstruct doorways.

Community Service Officers (CSOs)

The Community Service Officer Program, a branch of the University Police Department, offers a walking/vehicle escort service to and from campus locations. This service is available completely free to students, staff, faculty, and visitors to CSUSB. To request an escort from a trained student CSO, please call (909) 537-7777 shortly before your desired departure time and walk safe. View the CSUSB police campus safety tips.

Community Service Officer Escort [909] 537-7777

Rain or Shine
Community Service Officers provide escorts for you in ANY weather conditions.
Call University Police for an ESCORT
(909) 537-7777