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Cancellation Request

Cancellation Request Process

Your Student Housing License Agreement is a legally binding contract.  Cancellation requests are subject to approval from the Department of Housing and Residential Education and require documentation.  Requesting a cancellation does not guarantee that one will be granted.  A change in preferences or online instruction are not sufficient grounds for cancelling a license agreement.  Students are advised not to commit to another housing arrangement prior to a decision from Housing and Residential Education on any cancellation request.

Residents who leave on-campus housing without proper authorization for license agreement termination will be held responsible to the terms of the Student Housing License Agreement.  Simply moving out or turning in keys does not constitute release from contractual obligations.

Any Licensee who requests to cancel/vacate the housing facility must submit a Request to Cancel form through the Housing Portal and email with supporting documentation.  Cancellation requests should be submitted with at least 30 days notice before the end of the fee period, or intended move out date to avoid additional fees; review of Cancellation Requests may take 7-10 business days before an administrative decision letter is emailed to the Licensee. 

Please see the 2023-2024 or 2024-2025 Student Housing License Agreement for more information.

Conditions for Approved Cancellation Requests

  • Licensee is a member of the International Program or Student Exchange program on a one-semester only exchange (letter of program end required)
  • Licensee graduates from CSUSB
  • Licensee transfers to another school and provides documentation that they will no longer be enrolled at CSUSB
  • Licensee withdraws, or takes educational leave, and does not re-enroll at CSUSB during the license period
  • Licensee is academically disqualified from CSUSB
  • Licensee gets married during license agreement (copy of official marriage certificate required)
  • Licensee is called for military service (copy of military orders required)
  • Licensee is denied admission from CSUSB

Hardship Considerations

In order to demonstrate hardship, the Licensee must provide supporting documentation that the request to cancel is due either to unforeseen, extraordinary causes; and/or a serious and compelling medical or financial circumstance that the Licensee encountered since the date the License Agreement terms went into effect, and are clearly beyond the control of the Licensee.

Provide Supporting Documentation

Every request for cancellation/release from the License Agreement must be accompanied with supporting documentation.  Supporting documentation must be submitted by emailing  Requests will not be considered without supporting documentation.

The Cancellation Request reviewer cannot inform you what to provide as each situation is individual. The request reviewer will have no knowledge of your situation other than the information you provide. A personal statement explaining your situation with a detailed timeline in relation to the License Agreement and what the supporting documentation demonstrates is helpful to the reviewer(s) when submitting your request for release from the License Agreement. 

Common Denied Cancellations

Choosing to live on-campus is a commitment. In the event that the Licensee submits a cancellation request to move off-campus or to commute to campus, the Licensee will be charged for housing fees, and applicable meal plan fees, through the end of the contracted academic year fee period. Please see commonly denied cancellation reasons below: 

  • Enrolling exclusively or primarily in online learning courses is not grounds for cancellation of the Housing License Agreement.
  • Requests lacking supporting documentation, or which are otherwise incomplete, are automatically denied after a minimum of 10 business days without communication from the resident.
  • Deciding you no longer wish to live on campus, or that you would prefer to live at home and commute, is not grounds for cancellation.

Cancellation Prior to License Agreement Period

If you do not intend to enroll at CSUSB or no longer plan to live in on-campus housing, you must complete the Cancellation Request through your Housing Portal at least 30 days prior to the start of the license agreement term date.  Please note these dates, as you may apply for on-campus housing AFTER the published cancellation deadline.  Notifying another CSUSB office, faculty, or staff member does not substitute for your obligation to submit a Cancellation Request through the Housing Portal. 

Cancellation During License Agreement Period

A Request to Cancel form that has been submitted during the fee period, will be charged a penalty equivalent to 30 days of the daily room rate for the living unit. The 30 day period will be calculated from the day on which the resident vacates (DHRE receives keys). In cases of academic disqualification or denied admission, the Licensee will not be charged penalties even when not providing at least 30 days’ notice. 

Additional Resources

While considering a cancellation for financial reasons, also consider what other resources are available on campus. Depending on the room/apartment type you selected, there may be a more affordable on-campus housing option. Additionally, the CSUSB Basic Needs and Student Success department may be able to provide you with additional resources, including food assistance, financial assistance, and other resources on campus and in the community.

Cancellation Deadline (prior to license period)
Term Cancellation Deadline
Summer 2023 Full April 24, 2024
Summer 2023 Session 1 April 24, 2024
Summer 2023 Session 2 June 8, 2024
Academic Year 2023-2024 July 23, 2024
Spring 2024 Only (if space is available) December 18, 2024


Please note, the information located on this page is intended to help you navigate the cancellation clauses in the Student Housing License Agreement.  In the event of conflict or dispute of information, the terms and conditions in the 2023-2024 Student Housing License Agreement shall supersede information posted on this webpage or received via other modes of communication.