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Mission & Values

a group of housing residents


The Department of Housing and Residential Education (DHRE) takes pride in providing services to students in a safe, well-maintained, inclusive residential community that supports student success through their academic, personal, and professional goals by fostering a healthy living and learning environment and opportunities for holistic growth and development. 



The Department of Housing and Residential Education (DHRE) fosters a diverse community, emphasizing safety, belonging, and authenticity in a welcoming and inclusive environment. It is a place where students and DHRE staff commit to enhancing the educational experience and work together to pursue shared goals and personal development.

Student Centered

DHRE meets residents where they are and prioritizes listening to and working alongside them.  Residents are offered opportunities, resources, and agency to shape their community and are encouraged to take ownership to achieve academic and personal success.


We strive to create communities where residents feel safe socially, physically, and mentally.  A safe environment requires the cooperation of all members to address concerns and repair harm if harm occurs. DHRE promotes an awareness of safety through events, daily interactions, and by sharing the role every individual has in maintaining the safety of our communities and its members.

Learning and Development

DHRE is committed to fostering communities where learning and development extends beyond the classroom, where residents and staff learn from each other in a supportive environment. Residents have a unique opportunity to live independently with support which prepares them to navigate the complexities of life during and beyond the CSUSB experience.


DHRE’s three areas (Facilities, Operations, Residential Education) complete different and equally important work to ensure resident safety, well-being, and success, and need to seamlessly work together.  We aim to foster a culture of cooperation, mutual respect, and problem solving through the active exchange of ideas, knowledge, and perspectives from residents, staff, and partners.