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Access your Housing Portal Utilizing the button linked below. You may fill out your application, view your room assignment (if available), submit a cancellation, and more via your portal!

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We've got Philo EDU!

Philo - turn on the future of tv

What is it?

California State University, San Bernardino is proud to offer Philo Television service. Philo allows residents to watch live television on your personal devices from anywhere on campus. This new streaming service gives you the flexibility and control to pause and rewind live TV plus record 20 hours of DVR space to keep up with all your favorite shows!

How do I get it?

All CSUSB residents with an active MyCoyote account can use this service with their Television, computers and mobile devices anywhere on campus.

What is included?

TV content may be viewed on your PC and Mac via the web browser, on iPad, iPhone, Android, tablet or other mobile devices via a downloadable app anywhere on campus.
PLUS housing residents can request and sign out a Roku streaming player for use with regular TVs.

How do I get this service?

To set up Philo on your computer:

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your MyCoyote User ID and Password
  3. Start watching your favorite shows, or record them to watch later!

To set up Philo on your mobile device or tablet:

  1. Visit your App Store or Google Play center and download the Philo Edu app.
  2. Login with your MyCoyote User ID and Password
  3. Start watching your favorite shows, or record them to watch later!

To watch Philo on your television:

  1. Connect your Roku Player to your television and stream through the Philo App located in the Roku Library (your television must be already be equipped with a HDMI port).
  2. Connect your laptop to your television with a supported HDMI cable (your television must be already be equipped with a HDMI port).

Living On Campus Is Better

Living on Campus: So Much to Offer!
pros of living on campus
Pros of Living on Campus
Cons of Living Off Campus
Cons of Living OFF Campus
All expenses (electricity, cable, water, wifi) are included Pay added costs such as WiFi, utilities, water, cable, etc.
You only pay for YOUR expenses You may be stuck with the bills if your roommate moves out.
Just steps away from classes and resources Daily commute to campus
Study groups, tutoring, and academic resources are available Many apartments are not furnished
A diverse selection of meal plans available for all students via dining hall and other options Buy your own groceries
Enjoy Priority Registration Typically requires a 12-month lease
Make numerous friends when you live on campus; these friendships can turn into lifelong friendships Possibility of feeling isolated from school and friends
Student and professional staff lilvin in the hall and University Police is available 24 hours / day Students will ofient have to find a roommate to share expenses
Students are exposed to more extracurricular activities and interact more frequently with faculy and peers
Student employment and leadership opportunities available
Students are more satisified with their college experience
Students are more satisified with their college experience
Student earn higher grades and graduate sooner

Experience the whole package of college lilfe by showing your Coyote pride while getting involved on campus.  Enjoy your college experience.  Make memories, friendships and learn life skills in the process.  Reservations go fast, so apply for Housing today!

Living on campus is one of the most unique experiences you will experience as a college student. Unlike off-campus living, living on the CSUSB campus provides students with a unique living environment where all of your neighbors are students just like you. The Department of Housing and Residential Education can put you in touch with campus activities, faculty and so much more! 

CSUSB aspires to be a model for transforming lives and ensuring student learning and success. CSUSB is a preeminent center of intellectual and cultural activity in Inland Southern California, reflecting the dynamic diversity of the region and having the most diverse student population of any university in the Inland Empire.