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OSR Undergraduate Summer Research Program

The Undergraduate Summer Research Program provides funding and resources to support undergraduates who are interested in any research projects or scholarly activities related to their field. The ten-week program begins the last week of June and includes a series of workshops designed to develop students’ research and presentation skills and help them prepare for graduate school. The Summer Research Program culminates in an undergraduate research conference where students will present their findings.

The role of the faculty in the summer program is crucial. Each faculty member will mentor between two and three students. Any full-time, or faculty from any department welcome to apply. Part-time, non-lecturer faculty may serve as collaborators on the research project.

If awarded, faculty will receive a stipend of $5,000. Faculty involved in the program are asked to limit their summer session teaching to one course during the program to adequately mentor the students. Faculty members are also expected to meet with the students regularly each week.

All undergraduate students in good academic standing are eligible to apply. Each student will be hired as a CSUSB student employee and will be required to devote 20 hours a week working on his/her project or creative activities and participating in OSR activities. Students will earn $15.00 an hour.

Important Dates 

Orientation: May 6th at 9 am 

Program Run Dates: June 1st - August 5th

Workshops: June 1st - June 8th at 12 pm

Social Event: July 1st at 3 pm

Summer Conference: August 4th - 5th, 9 am - 3 pm


Application Process

The following submission guidelines should be followed:

  • Applications open: January 4th, 2021
  • Applications are due by February 16th, 2021 by 11:59 PM.
  • Application and proposal submission must be submitted online through the InfoReady.
  • The research proposal should be no longer than four pages.
  • All supporting documentation should be submitted at the time of the application submission.
  • Please note, if you have received an OSR grant before, please be aware that preference will be given to new applicants unless funding permits for additional awardees. Applications with only one or more than three students will be disqualified.
  • Please review the USRP application guidelines before submitting your application. 

Must have research or creative project listed on the OSR's Research and Creative Activities Database to be considered. Please SUBMIT HERE.


Submit Application for USRP

Congratulations to this year's recipients! 

College of Arts and Letters

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Ed Gomez

Students: Paul Garcia, Ryan Clark, and Melora Garcia

Project Title: CALAFIA: Manifesting the Terrestrial Paradise


College of Business and Public Administration

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Marc Fudge

Students: Shimese Peresuh and Matthew Cyr

Project Title: The Impact of Eliminating RDAs on the Socioeconomic Condition of California Residents


Faculty Mentor: Dr. Alexandru Roman

Students: Yajhaira Castillo and Rachel Krowel

Project Title: Examining Organizational Social Responsibility


College of Education

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Nancy Acevedo-Gil

Students: Hector Garcia, Yesenia Casas, and Edit Cebreros

Project Title: From Aspirations to Expectations: Parents and Students Developing a Critical College Consciousness before Middle School


College of Natural Sciences

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jeremy Mallari

Students: Jeffrey Chance and Nikolay Maslov

Project Title: Development and Optimization of Selective Click Chemistry Probes to Investigate the Function of Falcilysin, an Essential Malarial Protease

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Tomasz Owerkowicz

Students: Jonathan Arnette, Sarah Handy, and Maria Ceja

Project Title: Every Breath You Take


Faculty Mentor: Dr. Laura Newcomb

Students: Cinthia Gazca, Cory Atkins, and Joscelyn Berumen

Project Title: Characterize NP interaction domains as Antiviral Targets


Faculty Mentor: Dr. Daniel Nickerson

Students: Ariel Lin, Beatriz Delgado, Adriana Mora, and Chau Vuong

Project Title: Obese Yeast:  Genetic, Biochemical and Microscopic Investigation of How a Hyperactive Signal Protein at Endosomes Disrupts Regulation of Lipid Metabolism


College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Yvette Saavedra

Students: Sara Ledesma and Sofia Benitez

Project Title: Living la Mala Vida: Transgressive Femininities, Morality, and Nationalism in Mexican Los Angeles, 1810-1850


Faculty Mentor: Dr. Ryan Keating

Students: Lixsaden Felix and Natassja Martin

Project Title: Southern California's Civil War Veterans, 1865- 1930


Faculty Mentor: Dr. Isabel Huacuja

Students: Danny Cervantes and Jacquelyne Anton

Project Title: The Noise Complaint and the Politics of Sound: A Case Study in Southern California