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Research Matters Faculty/Student Mentorship Program

Program Description

The Research Matters Faculty/Student Mentorship Program is designed to support CSUSB faculty as they navigate the process of the Federal Work-Study Program to hire eligible students as research assistants. 

The OSR assists faculty in completing and submitting an advertisement for the open position, recruiting, and hiring work-study eligible research assistants, and complete and submit time sheets for their students. Faculty interested in participating in this program must submit a profile to the Research and Creative Activities Database. 

The Federal Work-Study (FWS) program is a federally funded program that provides job opportunities to eligible undergraduate and graduate students.  Students must meet all eligibility requirements and demonstrate financial need to participate in the program.  FWS earnings can be used to help offset a portion of the student’s educational expenses. Salaries begin at $16.00 for RAs, listed as Instructional Student Assistants. Student workers may work a maximum of 20 hours per week.

Work-Study participants (Supervisors and Students) are required to complete an annual training before beginning the hiring process. Find relevant training courses on the Staff Development Center’s website, located under the ‘Workforce Readiness’ section of the Following Webpage.

Placement and Deadlines

First Day of Fall Employment: August 17th, 2023.

Placement Deadline for AY: October 30th, 2023.



Any full-time faculty member, tenured or tenure-track from any department, is welcome to apply.


  • Enrolled at least half-time.
    • Undergraduates = 6 units

    • Graduate = 3 units

  • Maintain satisfactory academic progress.

  • Demonstrate financial need.

  • Awarded Federal Workstudy for the 23/24 (July 2023 – May 2024).

  • Eligible to work in the United States.

  • Complete the FWS tutorial.

General Submission Guidelines

The following submission guidelines should be followed: 

  • Applications are due by October 2nd for the 23-24 AY. In special cases, accommodations may be made to hire students after this date.  
  • Application submission must be submitted online through the Qualtrics.
    • Faculty should complete this form ONLY once an RA is identified and ready to be hired. 
  • Must have research or creative project listed on the OSR's Research and Creative Activities Database to be considered. Please SUBMIT HERE

Document Guidelines

Applications will only be accepted through the online form and must be submitted no later than 11:59 PM on the deadline date. 

  1. The proposal file must be uploaded in a Word document. 
  2. Please use Times New Roman or Arial font at 12-point size. 
  3. The right and left margins must be no smaller than 0.75 inches. Top and bottom margins must be no smaller than 1 inch. 
  4. Include budget projection for the length of the position. Including the expected hours and wages.

Document Format

The job description must follow the below format:

  1. Job Summary
  2. Job Description
  3. Minimum Qualifications
  4. Skills/Abilities 

Document Form Example HERE

Please be prepared to answer the following questions on the application:

  • Number of positions 
  • Location
  • Required documents (resume, cover letter, transcripts, etc.) 
  • Earliest/latest graduation dates (i.e., will you accept a student graduating Fall 2021?)
  • School year (freshman, sophomore, etc.) 
  • GPA Requirement
  • Majors Accepted
  • Application deadline (recommend September 1st if you already have a student in mind, but we can change this as necessary)

Research Matters Faculty/Student Mentorship Program Guidelines


The Research Matters program has faculty and student requirements that must be followed during the program.

Please note: Each student is allocated a set amount of funds to participate in the FWS program. Once these funds are exhausted, the student will no longer be paid for their participation. Please ensure that weekly hours are set to meet the research project’s needs and that monthly pay does not exceed the award. The OSR is not responsible for covering wages outside the FWS award. Any student who exceeds their award, with no plan for supplemental funding, will be released from the program and should stop working immediately unless an arrangement is made and agreed upon by the faculty, mentor, and OSR.


  • Complete the Federal Workstudy supervisor training. 
  • Setting the weekly hours and schedule for the project.
  • Responsible for ensuring that student stays within their scheduled hours.
  • Provide orientation on job expectations.
  • Ensure that students adhere to the terms of employment.
  • Approve and sign the monthly timesheets.


  • Complete the Federal Workstudy training. 
  • Adhere to the terms and conditions of their employment.
  • Stay within the allocated hours. 
  • Submit monthly timesheets on time. 


  • Submit posting onto Handshake.
  • Process and submit applications for review to faculty.
  • Process employment paperwork.
  • Collect, process, and submit timesheets. 
  • Ensure students remain within award allocation.
  • Verify enrollment each term. 
  • Help with any disciplinary action.