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MSW Pathway

The MSW Pathway program is a three-year, fully online program, modeled after our three-year, on-campus program.  The coursework offered and the degree received are identical.  Aside from the online learning environment, there are only two major differences between the programs:  electives and tuition cost.

  • Electives – For the time being, the MSW Pathway program only offers one elective: Public Child Welfare (SW638), offered in the spring quarter of the first year.  In the future, as the program continues to grow, more electives may be added, but for the foreseeable future, this is it.
  • Tuition Cost – The MSW Pathway program is a self-supporting program, with a unit cost of $400/unit, making the total tuition cost of the program $36,000.

A proposal is currently under review to increase the fee for the MSW program to $700 per semester-unit starting in the fall of 2020. There are 60 semester units in the MSW and so the total cost of the program will be $42,000 if this proposal is approved.

Apply for the MSW Pathway program.