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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Title IV-E?

Title IV-E is part of the Social Security Act.

Is CSUSB School of Social Work Title IV-E Stipend Program part of CalSWEC?

Yes, CSUSB School of Social Work is one of the California’s schools contracted with CalSWEC to administer Title IV-E Stipend Programs. 

Can I qualify for the Title IV-E Stipend if I am applying for the Pathway Distance Education Program?

Yes, if you are a current employee of a County or Tribal Child Welfare agency.

Can I specialize in Public Child Welfare if I am not receiving a stipend?


Is CalSWEC the same as the Title IV-E Stipend?

CalSWEC is the funding source for the Title IV-E Stipend Program.

What kind of work will I do when working in Public Child Welfare?

The Job Preview Video can share what working in Public Child Welfare looks like.