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Frequently Asked Questions

Program Description

What is Title IV-E?

The Title IV-E Program provides professional educations and monetary assistance to undergraduate and graduate social work students who intend to pursue or continue a career in the field of public child welfare.

Who qualifies for a Title IV-E stipend?

All students interested in pursuing a career in public child welfare enrolled in the following School of Social Work programs.

  • BASW Program
  • Advanced Standing Program
  • 2-Year MSW Program
  • 3-Year MSW Program (on campus & online)

Is the program 2 or 3 years?

This depends on which MSW Program you pursue. Visit Program Description for detailed information.

How much money is awarded?

Each academic program is different. Visit Program Description for detailed information.

Where is the Title IV-E office located?

Fourth floor of the College of Social and Behavioral Sciences building room, SB-402.

Applying / Awards Process

How do I apply for the Title IV-E stipend?

BASW Students: complete the additional Title IV-E stipend application.

MSW Students: apply for the MSW program via Cal State Apply and complete the additional Title IV-E program application.

Classes / Field

What days will I be in field placement?

All Title IV-E students are in field placement on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

How many hours are required for internship/field placement?

Advanced Standing: 20 hours per week, 600 hours per year.

BASW, 2-Year, and 3-Year MSW Programs: 16 hours per week, 480 hours per year.

Are there any additional classes I need to take as a Title IV-E student?

Yes, undergraduate students need to take SW 3200 and graduate students need to take SW 6038. Graduate research projects of Title IV-E recipients need to be on a topic relevant to Public Child Welfare.

Employment Obligation

What kind of work will I do when working in Public Child Welfare?

The Job Preview Video can share what working in Public Child Welfare looks like.

What happens if I am not employed by a qualifying agency after graduation?

You have up to 1 year to find employment in a qualifying agency. If you are already employed by a qualifying agency, you have six months to secure employment.