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Program Policies

The policies guiding the MSW Program exist in several documents. These are listed and briefly described below:

CSUSB Bulletin

This catalogue is the university's contract with the student. It lays out the academic calendar, general requirements for admission, and describes courses of study as well as student services and resources. This may be viewed online.

School of Social Work General Policies

The general policies of the School of Social Work are available to new students in the MSW Student Handbook and Field Manual.

NASW Code of Ethics

This is the code of professional behavior for students, faculty, and practitioners of social work. It is discussed in courses throughout the curriculum. It is provided to all new students admitted to the CSUSB Master of Social Work Program. It is also available at the NASW Web Site, along with specialized standards for various fields of practice.

NASW Social Work Speaks

Policy statements of NASW (general Assembly) that guide social workers in practice. These may be ordered directly from NASW.