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The work required for the MSW degree is divided into a foundation curriculum and an advanced curriculum, each of which requires the equivalent of one year of full-time study. To accommodate student needs, our MSW Program can be completed in one of three ways:

  1. The Two-Year Program:  Two academic years (4 semesters) of coursework. This option is best for students who are able to focus their time and attention to full-time, intensive study. 2 year program plan
  2. The Three-Year Program:  Three academic years (9 quarters) of coursework. This option is best for students who have to work (or have other, similar obligations) while they are enrolled in school.  No less rigorous or intensive, but spread out over three years.3 year program plan
  3. Pathway Distance Education Program:  Essentially, this is the same as the three-year program, but is taught online for students who either live too far away to attend courses at the main CSUSB campus, or are in a work / personal situation that makes attendance at CSUSB impractical.3 year program plan

For all MSW Course Descriptions, please visit the Campus Bulletin. 

In 2016, The School of Social Work and the Department of Public Administration began to offer a graduate program leading to a Master of Social Work / Master of Public Administration Concurrent Degrees (MSW/MPA). The MSW/MPA concurrent degrees are to serve students who envision a career path that includes high level administrative roles in social service agencies. All three program plans above offer the MSW/MPA concurrent degree option. To be considered, interested applicants must apply during the application process.