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Prospective Field Education Agency Information

Thank you for your interest in establishing a partnership with CSUSB School of Social Work. If your agency is interested in being a field placement for our social work students, please follow the steps below:

Step 1:  Please read the Field Education FAQ’s and review the required forms listed below prior to beginning the application process.

Step 2:  After reading the Field Practicum FAQ’s and forms in Step 1, if you remain interested and your agency qualifies as a field placement site, please complete:

  • Each potential Field Instructor will need to complete a form. 
  • Email Jolynne Morgan at
  • Once Ms. Morgan receives the forms, she will notify the Director of Field Education or designated Field Coordinator to contact the agency to set up a site visit.

Step 3:  Once the Field Department receives a copy of the Agency Application and Field Instructor Information Forms, an on-site visit will be scheduled. A university field team member will visit the agency to further assess its potential for student placements. When assessing a site, the representative will discuss field placement options for BASW and MSW level placements. Factors included in the assessment are:

  1. Whether the agency has capacity and potential for providing adequate experience;
  2. Resources and learning opportunities appropriate to the any of the field programs;
  3. Supervision and instruction to ensure a quality field practicum experience;
  4. Field instructors that meet our criteria, and
  5. Whether the school can respond to agency interests and needs in a reciprocal fashion.

Other agency expectations include:

  • A commitment to high educational standards as reflected by the Council on Social Work Education.
  • The overall responsibility for the development of the agency’s participation in this social work educational joint venture should rest with the agency’s Executive Director or designee.
  • Learning experience with individuals, families, groups, agency administration and communities (as indicated by the Learning Plan Agreement/Comprehensive Skills Evaluation) must be made available by the agency.
  • The agency will be expected to assure the availability of records prepared by students for learning instruction and evaluation at the School, subject to professional safeguards.
  • Physical facilities necessary to accommodate students will be provided by the agency. When possible, these will include desk space, a meeting room for seminar instruction where indicated, facilities for private interviewing, tutorial instruction, resources necessary for home visits, provisions for essential clerical services, and compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Step 4: If the agency, respective Field Coordinator and/or Designee, and Field Director agree that the agency is a strong fit for program, the Field Director or designee will initiate the Learning Site Agreement / Contract with the agency and CSUSB’s Procurement (Contracts) Office. Once the Agreement/Contract has been signed by all required parties, the agency will be notified in writing of approval. Prior to placing students annually, respective Field Coordinators/Field Director are required to confirm placement site has a current contract.