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Current Students & Field Instructors Information

Field Education is an essential element of the curriculum in which students apply and deepen their knowledge, skills and values. Field Practicum also offers the opportunity for evaluation of the student’s ability to apply social work knowledge, skills and values by an experienced social work professional.

We have selected a model of Field Education that is not the final phase of formal learning, but rather is ongoing and concurrent with classroom experience. We believe that learning in the field and in the classroom will be enhanced by the opportunity to immediately observe knowledge derived from the classroom and to immediately apply skills mastered in the classroom. Conversely, observations from the field will reinforce theory, knowledge and skills from the classroom setting.

Field Work, including field practicum, field seminar and field events are designed to create a learning experience that allows student to apply theory and demonstrate skills learned in the classroom. It also allows them to demonstrate the ability to integrate and apply social work knowledge, values, and skills to practice situations in a purposeful, intentional, and professional manner.  

We have included a list of the most commonly asked questions regarding Field Work and related expectations, as well as common used field documents.