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Apply to MSW Program

UPDATE: Admission into the MSW Program has closed, effective April 16th, 2020. Admission into Pathway Distance Education Program for Fall 2020 closed April 9th, 2020. Applications for Fall 2020 are no longer being accepted for this cohort.

Applications for Fall 2021 will open October 1, 2020 on the Cal State Apply web portal MSW Information Sessions are not mandatory but are strongly encouraged for those that want to submit a strong application. Information Sessions schedule

New students are admitted into our MSW Program only in the fall term of each academic year. 

Quarter Application Opens MSW Application Priority Deadline MSW Application Close Date Deadline To access Application in Cal State Apply
Fall 2020 October 1, 2019 January 15th, 2020* Once slots are full and before July 8th, 2020 July 8th, 2020 OR when slots are full; whichever comes first
Fall 2021 October 1, 2020 January 15th, 2021* Once slots are full and before July 8th, 2021 July 8th, 2021


Applicants must apply both to the University and the School of Social Work for consideration.   Cal State Apply is the host for the University application and the School of Social Work MSW Program application.

Step 1

Begin application online at Cal State Apply.

Tips and Instructions for Cal State Apply 

Step 2

  • Program:  Select Campus – San Bernardino
  • Start Term: Select Fall 2020 
  • Source:
If choosing to attend classes on campus: If choosing the online option; Pathway Distance Education
Select “Campus”  Select: “Extended Education” 
Degree Option:  “San Bernardino Graduate” Choose:“Social Work” or  “Social Work and Public Administration Concurrent Degree” Degree Option:  “San Bernardino Extension” Choose:  Social Work – Pathway Distance Education 

Step 3

There is great deal of information requested on the application.   Sections in “Personal Information”, “Academic History”, and “Supporting Information” ask for a great deal of information that the School of Social Work does not review as part of your Master of Social Work Application.  However, you will still need to go into each area and click to bypass through these sections.  (GPA, evaluation, statement of purpose, etc.).  The section in the program materials provide all the documents required for submitting a complete Master of Social Work application.

  •  All MSW Graduate Program Application instructions, documents, and forms are within the Program Materials section of Cal State Apply. 
  • A completed application will consist of the following submitted Program Materials:
  1. Practical Experience Form  
  2. Field Practicum of Understanding
  3. Field Application Requirement Form (if applicable)
  4. Personal Statement  & Vignettes
  5. MSW Prerequisites Course Sheet
  6. Title IV-E documents ( ONLY if applying to Title IV-E Child Welfare Stipend Program)
  7. Unofficial Transcripts 
  8. Graduate Social Work Program Recommendation (completed by 3 references)   No Recommendation Letter is required or can be accepted. 
  9. Responses to Program Preference & Option &   Field Education Questions
  10. Additional Personal Statement ( ONLY if applying to Pathway Distance Education)
  11. Concurrent Application (ONLY if applying to Concurrent Degree Program)

** If applicable

For detailed instructions and access to documents, visit the Program Materials section in Cal State Apply.If you have questions, please contact Melinda Corral in the School of Social Work MSW Office, at (909) 537-5557or send an email to 4CSUSB will contact you regarding official transcripts