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Forcino Lab

Lab Focus

Dr. Forcino is a child clinical psychologist and affiliated with the M.S. in Clinical/Counseling Psychology program. Her lab focuses on the use of behaviorally-based principles and practices to solve problems of childhood. We are interested in the treatment of psychological disorders of childhood (e.g., Oppositional Defiant Disorder, Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder, Sleep Disorders, Enuresis/Encopresis), as well as effective solutions to more common problems of childhood (e.g., sibling conflict, noncompliance, bedtime problems, and difficulty with toilet training). Many of the therapeutic interventions we use rely on parents implementing specific behavioral interventions in the home. Therefore, we are also interested in how to best train parents and factors that affect treatment adherence and efficacy.

Current Projects

  • New Mother Survey
  • The Use of Behavioral Observation in Treatment Outcome Studies
  • Correlates of Sibling Conflict

Students Interested in Joining the Lab

If you are a student and interested in working in Dr. Forcino’s lab and/or having her serve as your major advisor or a committee member for your thesis, please email her at Please include your CV and a copy of your transcript. 

Former Research Assistants

Billy Barron, B.A. Psychology with Psychology Honors & B.A. Human Development, CSUSB, 2019

Emily del Rosario, B.A. Psychology with Psychology Honors, CSUSB, 2021; Ph.D. Clinical Psychology student at University of Arkansas
Leonel Flores, B.A. Psychology, CSUBS, 2019

Sophia Josemoan, B.A. Psychology with Psychology Honors, CSUSB, 2021; Psy.D. Clinical Psychology student at Loma Linda University 
Carissa Rieger, B.A. Psychology with Psychology Honors, CSUSB, 2019; M.S. Clinical/Counseling Psychology student at CSUSB 
Mariah Murray, B.A. Psychology, CSUSB, 2018 ; M.S. in Psychology student at Cal Poly Pomono
Maira Zavala, B.A. Psychology, CSUSB, 2018