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Psychological Science Faculty

Dionisio Amodeo, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Research interests:

  • Animal models of psychiatric disorders
  • Neurobiology of cognition
  • Understanding how alterations in the serotonin systemic may lead to psychiatric disorders
  • Cortico-striatal circuitry

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Brittany Bloodhart, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Dr. Brittany Bloodhart
Dr. Brittany Bloodhart

Research interests:

  • Environmental and Gender issues in Social Psychology
  • Perceptions of and belief in climate change
  • Prejudice and discrimination / intervention programs aimed at decreasing barriers to equality
  • The effect of moral emotions (e.g., guilt, empathy) on pro-social behavior
  • The relationship between moral values (self-focused vs. other-focused), social identity, and pro-social attitudes
  • Experiences that make some people more likely to endorse system-justifying ideologies

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Kelly Campbell, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Research interests:

  • Interpersonal chemistry in friendships and romantic relationships
  • Impact of being ‘in love’ on performance across domains (e.g., academics, athletics, creativity)
  • Couple rituals, infidelity, and the meaning of marriage
  • Health disparities related to race, income, and sexual orientation

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John Clapper, Ph.D., Professor

Research interests:

  • Cognitive psychology
  • Categories and concepts
  • Unsupervised learning
  • Attention and memory organization
  • Computational models of human learning

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Cynthia Crawford, Ph.D., Professor

Research interests:

  • Animal and human models of drug addiction
  • Second messenger system pharmacology
  • Developmental neuropsychopharmacology

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Cari Goetz, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Research interests:

  • Evolutionary psychology
  • Human mating strategies
  • Sexual victimization

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Donna Garcia, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Research interests:

  • Impact of social inequality on psycho-social functioning
  • Social pressures that discourage people from challenging discrimination
  • Self-fulfilling role that awareness of their “social value” plays in people’s outcomes.

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Hideya Koshino, Ph.D., Professor

Research interests:

  • Cognitive psychology and cognitive neuroscience approaches to the study of working memory
  • Relations between working memory and attention
  • Use of imaging technology (e.g., fMRI) in studying brain functioning
  • The Default Mode Network and Working Memory Network

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Michael Lewin, Ph.D., Professor

Research interests:

  • Early Maladaptive Schemas and Cognitive Vulnerability
  • Schema Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Anxiety

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Jason Reimer, Ph.D., Professor

Research interests:

  • Language and memory development
  • Visual word recognition in children and adults
  • Reading acquisition
  • Development of cognitive inhibition

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