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PSYC 595X. Independent Study (1-3 Units)

PSYC 595X. Independent Study (1-3 Units)

Special topics involving literature and/or experimental effort. A total of 6 units of PSYC 595X may be applied toward graduation, of which a maximum of 3units can be applied toward the upper-division requirements in the psychology major. The Independent Study course is a unique opportunity for students to apprentice with a faculty member and conduct state-of-the-art research in that faculty member’s area of expertise. The training you will receive can be invaluable in applying to graduate programs. Such programs often expect applicants to have gained some out-of-the-classroom experience in their field to complement their accomplishments in the classroom. Research experience under the supervision and mentorship of a faculty member is among the most valuable opportunities afforded by a university. Interested students should first learn about what our faculty do in their research. Information about each faculty member’s research program is available at this link.  Once you have selected a faculty with whom you would like to work, contact them and indicate your interest in an Independent Study with them. If they are agreeable, then you and the faculty member should complete the contract available below. Prerequisites: a minimum overall grade point average of 3.0, consent of instructor and departmental approval of a written proposal of a project submitted on a standard application filed in advance of the quarter in which the course is to be taken. Download the Independent Studies Contract

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