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Information for Researchers

SONA Researcher accounts are for students who are conducting research in collaboration with, or in the lab of, a Psychology Department faculty member. These are *not* for students trying to earn credit by participating in studies posted in SONA. Those students should go to the Information for Participants page. Information for participants 

Getting a researcher account

Send an email with the following information to

  1. First and last name
  2. Coyote email address
  3. Psychology faculty person with whom you are working

You *do not* need to send us your CITI training certification. That is needed by the IRB.

Setting up a study in SONA

Read through this entire webpage before setting up any studies. For online studies, you must set up your study in a way that you can identify who participated in your study so you can grant credit- see the “Granting Credit” section below.

  1. Select “Add New Study” from the top menu bar, or under the “Add New Study” menu select “+Create a new study”
  2. Select the study type:
    1. If you are creating an online study where you will build the questions directly in the SONA system, select “Online Internal Survey Study.” If your study will be administered through an external survey website, like Qualtrics or Survey Monkey, select “Online External Study.” Choose the “Credit” option if participants will earn SONA credits, the “Paid” option if they will earn money.
    2. If you are creating an in-person study, select “Standard Study” or “Multi-Part Standard Study.” Only use the “Multi- Part” study option if you want your participants to sign up for all parts of your study at the same time. If they will complete Part 1 and then Part 2 will be scheduled later, use the “Standard Study” option. You will be able to use the prerequisite functions to ensure only participants who take Part 1 can sign up for Part 2. Choose the “Credit” option if participants will earn SONA credits, the “Paid” option if they will earn money.
    3. Note that participants cannot split up credits earned from a single study across different classes. If you are conducting a study in multiple parts where students earn units for each part completed, it may be best to set up different studies in SONA for each part. This also allows you to set up a study with both online and in-person components. Contact the SONA admin team if you have questions about this.
  3. Complete the basic study information. You should enter information exactly as approved in the recruitment section of your IRB Proposal.
  4. SONA has a number of features that may be useful for your particular study- e.g., invitation codes that prevent anyone from signing up without the code, the ability for specific researchers to be assigned to specific timeslots, prescreen selection so you can allow only participants who have answered questions on the prescreen a certain way to access your study, and study restrictions or requirements so you can prevent or allow only certain participant to enroll in your study based on what classes they are in or what other studies they have completed. You can set these features up now, but you can make adjustments to these features at any time.
  5. Click “Add Study.” The Study Information page will appear. The study must be approved by the SONA Admin before you can add timeslots. Click the blue “Send Request” button.
  6. Attach your IRB disposition approval letter (not your proposal, not your consent form) on the Request Approval page. Then click “Send Request.” You will receive an email from the SONA Admin when your study is approved. After you receive approval, you will need to set up timeslots to collect data.

Activating a study and setting up timeslots

You will need to activate a study for it to be visible to participants.

Study menu-> Change study information -> Active study? Select “Yes.”

Studies are automatically deactivated at the end of every semester. You have to reactivate them each semester to continue collecting data.

Participants will only be able to sign up for your study when you have created timeslots for them. When viewing a particular study, go to Study menu -> View/administer timeslots.

For online studies:

  1. Select “+Add a timeslot” on the right side of the screen.
  2. For online studies you should only have one timeslot running at a time. Enter the final participation date and time. The latest date/time you should select for this is the last day SONA will be available to participants that semester. Even if the study is approved by the IRB to run longer than that, participants must complete your study that semester if they sign up for it, so you should select a date a time no later than 5pm on the day SONA closes that semester (usually the last day of instruction before finals start, see Important Dates)
  3. Enter the number of participants- usually this is the number of participants you are approved to collect data for by the IRB.
  4. Click “Add this timeslot”

Sometimes participants sign up for an online study early and “squat” on the timeslot all semester, not taking your survey until the very end. To prevent this, you may want to set up your timeslot so that the final participation date/time is sooner than the end of the semester- perhaps in one week, or two weeks. Any participants who sign up but don’t complete the study should be given an “Unexcused no show” when you grant credit. After the final participation time/date has passed for that timeslot, you may set up a new timeslot that lasts another week or two and can accommodate the remaining participants you are approved to collect data from. You may repeat this process until all your data is collected. If you do this, remember to only have one timeslot running at a time for online studies! It is confusing to participants if you have multiple running at once.

For in-person studies:

  1. Select “+Add a timeslot” on the right side of the screen.
  2. For in-person studies you may add individual timeslots, or add multiple timeslots at once. You should look at both options to determine which feature will work best for your study.
  3. You must select the date and time the participant session will start and indicate the number of participants that may sign up for that particular timeslot. This is study dependent, be sure to consult with your PI.
  4. Enter the exact location- building and room number- where the study will take place. Participants need this to know where to go for your study.
  5. If you have selected the ability to assign a specific researcher to a timeslot in the study information, then you can select the researcher who will be responsible for this time slot.
  6. Click “Add This Timeslot”
  7. For in-person studies you may have as many timeslots for participants as you are approved for by the IRB. So if you are approved for 100 participants, you could have 100 individuals timeslots that each allow 1 participant, 10 timeslots that each allow 10 participants, 1 timeslot that allows for 100 participants, or any other combination.
  8. All timeslots must end by the last day/time SONA is open for the semester (usually 5pm the last day of instruction, see Important Dates). If you study is approved by the IRB to run for a longer time you will be able to set up more timeslots in the next semester.

Granting credit

After a participant has signed up for a study, their default credit status will show as “No Action Taken.” From the participant’s perspective, it shows as “Awaiting action from researcher.” This default status will remain until the researcher takes action. For online studies, some researchers use an automatic credit-granting feature, in which case the researcher does not have to manually grant credit. All in-person studies, and any online studies not using this feature, require researcher action to grant credit. Online studies need to be set up with a way for researchers to identify who took their study. Options include using the “?id=%SURVEY_CODE%” feature, having participants submit their name or ID as part of the survey, or instructing participants to email you at the end of the survey.

SONA can link to a number of external research tools, including Qualtrics, Inquisit, and SurveyMonkey, for credit granting purposes. See this link:

It is best if you grant credit as soon as you can after a participant has done your study. Researchers must take action on credit statuses before 24 hours after the closing time/date of SONA (see Important dates).  No participant should be left as “No action taken.” Researchers may select 1 of 3 options:

  1. Grant Credit. Select this if the participant did participate in your study.
  2. Unexcused No-Show: Select this for in-person studies where the participant did not show up for their scheduled slot. Some researchers are now also selecting this if participants fail attention checks in their surveys or are not participating in good faith. This is acceptable as long as it is approved by the IRB and clearly explained in your consent form. Students who receive 2 Unexcused No-Shows are prevented by SONA from signing up for more studies. This is to be fair to researchers, whose time may be wasted by a participant who doesn’t show, and to be fair to other participants who do show up.
  3. Excused No-Show: Select this if the participant should not be granted credit, but should not be penalized for some reason. It could be that the participant contacted the researcher to inform them they couldn’t make it and they rescheduled for another timeslot. They would be excused from this timeslot, and granted credit in another after they participated. There may be other reasons as well- use this assignment when no credit should be granted but it shouldn’t possibly prevent participation in the future.

Important dates

2020-2021 Academic Year

  Fall Spring Summer
First day of SONA 8/24 1/25 6/2
Last day of SONA 12/4 5/14 8/4
Credit granting due date (@5pm) 12/5 5/15 8/5

Other tips

The SONA admin team respects your credit decisions. If students contact us to question a credit decision we send them directly to you.

Be sure your participant sign-up deadlines and cancellation deadlines fit with your schedule. The default deadlines are 24 hours prior to the study time/date. However, in some cases you may want longer windows, perhaps if you need to communicate with participants beforehand, or if you would need to know more than 24 hours in advance if a participant were going to cancel.

For those using Qualtrics, Survey Monkey, or some other external software system they often have automatic credit granting features designed for SONA. You should check with the help and guides posted by those services (these are usually easily found by Googling). SONA does not provide troubleshooting information for those other products.

For survey studies, many researchers are now employing attention checks and other measures to ensure participants are taking their study seriously. With IRB approval you may opt to not grant credit to participants who fail these measures. We encourage researchers to do this. It does mean you cannot use automatic credit granting.