Proposing a Research Study (IRB)

Any research involving human participants at this University must undergo a systematic review to insure that it meets strict ethical standards for protecting the well-being of all participants. This review is conducted by the Institutional Review Board (IRB) or by the Psychology Subcommittee of the IRB. The links below provide all relevant information regarding this review process.

  • See the CSUSB IRB Home Page for application instructions and forms

All faculty and students who seek to conduct research with human participants must undergo training available through the CITI website.

SONA credit units for online and lab studies

Minutes Online Units Lab Units
Up to 15 0.5 2.5
Up to 30 1 3
Up to 45 1.5 3.5
Up to 60 2 4
Up to 75 2.5 4.5
Up to 90 3 5
Up to 105 3.5 5.5
Up to 120 4 6

NHSR Studies

If the IRB has designated your study as Not Human Subjects Research (NHSR) and you plan to collect data via SONA, please download and complete this form. Only the faculty PI should complete this form, and they should upload it in lieu of the IRB approval email when they set up the study in SONA.

<Downloadable form here>