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Industrial-Organizational Psychology Faculty

Mark Agars, Ph.D., Professor

Research interests:

  • Social-cognitive and contextual approaches to the psychology of the workplace
  • Gender in the workplace and diversity management
  • The work and family interface
  • Challenges faced by low-wage workers and their families
  • Workplace creativity and innovation

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Ismael Diaz, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Research interests:

  • Occupational Health Psychology (OHP)
  • Leader and supervisor positive treatment and mistreatment
  • Communication technology attitudes, usage, and employee outcomes
  • Employee attitudes and well-being
  • Contextual performance
  • Incivility and mistreatment at work

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Janelle Gilbert, Ph.D., Professor

Research interests:

  • Organizational processes, climate and culture
  • Group dynamics and composition
  • Work attitudes
  • Leadership development
  • Outcomes assessment

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Janet Kottke, Ph.D., Professor

Research interests:

  • Diversity and diversity management
  • Models of organizational change
  • Business ethics
  • Personnel selection
  • Measurement

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Nicholas (Nick) Moon, Ph.D., Assistant Professor 

Research Interests: 

Workplace Motivation, specifically self-regulation, goal-setting and regulation 

Personality and Individual Differences 

Talent Acquisition and Selection, including assessment and test development  


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Kenneth Shultz, Ph.D., Professor

Research interests:

  • Psychological measurement issues applied to the world of work
  • Aging and work
  • Mid and late career issues
  • Transition to retirement
  • Bridge employment

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