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General Experimental Club

Official Name of the Organization: The GE Psychology Club at CSUSB

The GE Psychology Club is currently inactive.

GE Psychology club was conceived by a group of first-year GE students during Winter Quarter 2007. These students were inspired by the message that better communication between students can increase the understanding and acceptance into doctoral psychology programs.


  1. To promote knowledge about doctoral programs and careers in psychology.
  2. To create and sustain an MAGE Alumni Network.
  3. To serve as a social and educational forum for students.

Aims & Purposes of the Club

  • To provide an intellectual and social atmosphere in which to discuss issues pertaining to graduate studies in psychology
  • To provide information concerning graduate schools, particularly doctoral programs, and careers in psychology
  • To support student initiatives to attend psychology conferences
  • To increase awareness of opportunities in the field of psychology
  • To help students gather information and participate in the field
  • To strengthen the presence of psychology on our campus by sponsoring guest lectures
  • To engage in social activities that promote group cohesion among psychology students

I Want To Join

All graduate and undergraduate students interested in psychology are welcome to join. There is no minimum GPA requirement. To be an active member one is required to show an interest in Experimental Psychology, actively serve on a committee, and attend a minimum of one general meeting per quarter. There is an annual $15 membership fee.

The GE Psychology Club is currently inactive. If you would like to re-establish the club and recruit potential officers and members, please contact the Psychology Department Chair, Dr. Michael Lewin