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Psychology Major

The general objectives of the Bachelor of Arts in Psychology are to present the scientific and professional aspects of psychology to the undergraduate majoring in this field and to provide service courses as electives for students throughout the university. Psychology majors may plan to apply the knowledge and skills provided by a broad psychology back-ground to many diverse employment opportunities which do not require graduate training. The department also offers coursework leading to the Master of Arts or the Master of Science in Psychology. Students intending to enroll in these programs or another graduate school will find the undergraduate program provides an excellent base for entry into graduate training.

The Department has ten distinct goals that we intend for all psychology majors to achieve prior to graduation with their B.A. in Psychology. Students majoring in Psychology will have the opportunity to develop proficiency in:

  1. Knowledge of theory and empirical findings in psychology,
  2. Research methods in psychology,
  3. Application of psychological principles,
  4. Critical thinking skills in psychology,
  5. Information and technological literacy,
  6. Ethical standards in academic and professional settings,
  7. Career planning and development,
  8. Interpersonal skills.
  9. An appreciation of individual uniqueness and diversity, and
  10. A commitment to life- long learning in psychology

The Department’s mission statement, goals and learning outcomes can be found here

Courses offered by the department range from the basic scientific courses such as experimental psychology, learning and perception to such applied courses as counseling and behavior modification. Laboratory and training facilities complement a wide variety of courses.

In addition to the general psychology major, the Psychology Department offers two formal specializations in psychology. Students majoring in one of these specializations will have it indicated on their degree. Please see below for more information

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology - Biological Psychology

Biopsychology represents a course of study focusing on the neurological and physiological bases of human behavior. You will study such things as the brain processes implicated in various psychological disorders and the specific ways in which psychotropic drugs influence the brain and behavior.

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology - Industrial and Organizational Psychology

Industrial/Organizational Psychology concerns the psychology of the workplace. I/O psychologists are concerned with personnel selection, gender equity in work settings, understanding and improving relations between employer and employee, program evaluation, employee mental health, and many other issues regarding the interface between psychology and business. 

Degree Requirements