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Information for Principle Investigators (PIs)

The Information for Researchers page also provides information helpful to PIs. Only current, fulltime faculty members in the Psychology and Human Development Department may act as a SONA PI.


SONA credit units for online and lab studies

Minutes Online Units Lab Units
Up to 15 0.5 2.5
Up to 30 1 3
Up to 45 1.5 3.5
Up to 60 2 4
Up to 75 2.5 4.5
Up to 90 3 5
Up to 105 3.5 5.5
Up to 120 4 6

NHSR Studies

If the IRB has designated your study as Not Human Subjects Research (NHSR) and you plan to collect data via SONA, please download and complete this form. Only the faculty PI should complete this form, and they should upload it in lieu of the IRB approval email when they set up the study in SONA.

<Downloadable form here>



To enhance study participation as a learning experience, PIs should provide an informative study information handout or page at the end of their study. This may be combined with a “Debrief” if one is required by the IRB, but is also needed for studies that do not require a debrief. The study information should provide the student with basic information about the study goals, hypotheses, methods, and planned analyses so the student can understand their participation experience in a larger study context.