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Clinical-Counseling Psychology Faculty

Manijeh Badiee, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Research interests:

  • Women’s empowerment, with a focus on Latina women
  • Community-based mixed methods research
  • Mental health of Iranian Americans

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David Chavez, Ph.D., Professor

Research interests:

  • Women’s empowerment and activism
  • Community-based mixed methods research
  • Empowerment of LGBTQI individuals
  • Multicultural issues in mental health treatment
  • Relational approaches to psychotherapy
  • Stereotypes of Middle Eastern individuals and their impact
  • Sexual assault prevention

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Christina Hassija, Ph.D., Associate Professor

Research interests:

  • Trauma and associated mental health conditions
  • Risk and resilience factors in PTSD following interpersonal trauma
  • Psychological and emotional consequences of sexual assault and intimate partner violence
  • Meaning making and posttraumatic growth in trauma-exposed individuals
  • Dissemination of evidence-based psychotherapies for PTSD via telemedicine
  • Implementation and development of evidence-based psychotherapies for community sexual assault and intimate partner violence populations

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Michael Lewin, Ph.D., Professor

Research interests:

  • Early Maladaptive Schemas and Cognitive Vulnerability
  • Schema Therapy
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy
  • Anxiety

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Stacy Forcino, Ph.D., Assistant Professor

Research interests:

  • Treatment of common childhood behavior problems
  • Treatment of clinically significant problems of childhood
  • Parent training (e.g., Parent-Child Interaction Therapy)
  • Behavior therapy/ applied behavior analysis

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