First-Year Orientation

Welcome to California State University, San Bernardino! We are excited that you have selected CSUSB to pursue your undergraduate education. The Orientation program provides you with key resources and tools to help with your transition into the CSUSB community as you bond with other members of the Coyote community, your peers, and the student Orientation Leaders. Through workshops, discussions, guest speakers and special events, this experience will prepare you for life as a Coyote.

At Orientation you will:

  • Learn about services and resources available at CSUSB
  • Plan your academic schedule and register for classes
  • Become familiar with CSUSB policies and procedures
  • Get the "inside scoop" on the campus
  • Receive your student ID card – Coyote Onecard
  • Meet other new students and build lasting friendships
  • Start building Coyote PRIDE: Power, Responsibility, Integrity, Determination, Enthusiasm
  • Spent the night on campus in our new residence halls for a taste of college life.

Tips for a Successful Orientation Experience

  • If you would like, bring a laptop or tablet to orientation to assist you in viewing the online schedule of classes, CSUSB General Catalog, and departmental websites. There will be a wireless connection available from most points on campus. It will be your responsibility, however, to ensure the safety of your laptop at all times. Otherwise, we will provide access to computers/laptops for you. 
  • The time you spend at Orientation is the beginning of your educational career at CSUSB; please approach your time at Orientation seriously and be ready to take full advantage of what is offered during your session.
  • Orientation and First Year Experience strictly adheres to the campus policy forbidding alcohol and/or drug use. Failure to abide by this policy could result in you being asked to leave Orientation without enrolling in your classes or refunding any of your Orientation fees.
  • Although it is our hope that you will take advantage of everything offered at Orientation, failure to attend or participate in any part of the session is your own responsibility, and can jeopardize proper academic advising and course enrollment.

Important Information

Before You Attend Orientation

There are a few steps you must complete before you register and attend Orientation:

Accept Your Offer of Admission

All students must accept their offer of admission by paying their Enrollment Confirmation Deposit BEFORE May 1. Please note that this fee is separate from any Orientation fees. The non-refundable, non-transferable deposit declares your intent to attend CSUSB and can be paid through your myCoyote account. Once you pay your confirmation deposit, please allow 24-48 hours before you register for an Orientation session. For more information, visit Admissions and Student Recruitment.

Emergency Contact Information

You are required to complete the Emergency Contact information on your myCoyote Self Service Student Center Portal before registering for Orientation. This information will only be used in case of an emergency and someone needs to be contacted on your behalf. Be sure to keep this information updated with CSUSB.


Partial transcripts are due to the Office of Admissions by February 15. Failure to submit final transcripts by the July 15 deadline will result in your offer for admission being cancelled and you will not be able to register for courses at CSUSB.

In order to be considered fully admitted to CSUSB, you must submit official transcripts to demonstrate that your final grades and coursework continue to reflect your eligibility to the university, and that you have graduated from high school. Applicants will be considered fully admitted when an admissions officer verifies that the student has completed all coursework in progress at a satisfactory level.

All official transcripts may be mailed to:

CSUSB Admissions & Student Recruitment
5500 University Parkway
San Bernardino, CA 92407


You may deliver sealed official transcripts to the CSUSB Office of Admissions & Student Recruitment in University Hall, Room 107.

Early Start/Coyote First STEP Program 

The Early Start Program was mandated by the CSU Board of Trustees in response to numbers of new students requiring recommendation in mathematics and/or English. The goals of the CSU Early Start Program include better preparation of new students in mathematics and/or English. This is being done through their participation in specific courses held over the summer preceding their first fall term at the CSU campus. For more information about the Coyote First STEP program, please visit their website.

Review Orientation Cost / Fees and Waiver of Liability

Students who register to participate in the Orientation program agree to the cost of the program, any fees that might be charged, and a waiver of liability. It is important that you read these policies prior to registering for Orientation.

Once you complete the steps on the First-Year Student Checklist, you should be able to register for your Orientation session. We look forward to seeing you this summer!

Program Dates

Before You Register

  • Deadline to register for any session is July 15 or your admissions will be cancelled.
  • Due to limited space, it is advised that you register for the first available session.
  • You will not be able to register for orientation once a session date has closed.
  • Please make sure you do not have any outside conflicts (such as work, school, sports, etc.) with the scheduled orientation dates.
  • Refer to the program schedule below for more details to determine if you are required to complete Early Start and/or Coyote First STEP program.

First Year Orientation regsitration is now open!

First Year Students


If you do not need to participate in the Early Start and/or Coyote First STEP program, you are required to attend a two-day orientation session. Please select the session that best fits your schedule.

Session Number Dates Registration Deadline Status
1 July 16 - 17* July 9 CLOSED
2 July 22 - 23* July 15 CLOSED
3 July 24 - 25* July 17 CLOSED
4 August 6 - 7 July 30 CLOSED
5 August 12 - 13 August 5 CLOSED
6 August 14 - 15 August 7 CLOSED
7 August 19 - 20 August 12 CLOSED
8 August 26 - 27 August 19 CLOSED

*Honors students are encouraged to enroll in one of these sessions. Specific Honors programming will be offered during these sessions.

Website may not reflect current-time statuses on orientation sessions; visit the registration page via your myCoyote portal to view available sessions.

English ONLY Students or Math RECOMMENDED Students

If you are only participating in the Early Start English program or are participating in math as a recommended student (June 19 - July 25), you are required to attend a two-day orientation. Please select the session that best fits your schedule. 

Session Number Dates Registration Deadline Status
4 August 6 - 7 July 30 CLOSED
5 August 12 - 13 August 5 CLOSED
6 August 14 - 15 August 7 CLOSED
7 August 19 - 20 August 12 CLOSED
8 August 26 - 27 August 19 CLOSED

Website may not reflect current-time statuses on orientation sessions; visit the registration page via your myCoyote portal to view available sessions.

Coyote First STEP Students

If you are required to participate in the Coyote First STEP Program, Early Start Math (ESM) 105, your Orientation program will be split into two parts.
Please register for your Coyote First STEP program before you register for Orientation. Once you register in your math course, please allow 24-48 hours before registering for orientation.
For more information regarding Coyote First STEP, please visit the Early Start Program's website.

Session ESM 105 Course Dates Orientation Dates Registration Deadline Status
Summer 6W1 June 19 - July 25 Day 1: June 18
Day 2: July 29
June 11 CLOSED
Summer 6W2 July 31 - September 5 Day 1: July 30
Day 2: September 6
July 23 CLOSED

Your Orientation hold is not removed from your account until you attend both days of the orientation programs.  You will not be able to register for classes until your Orientation hold is removed.

Please check your CSUSB e-mail account for updates. Orientation information will not be sent to your personal email account.



First-Year Program Schedules

Listed below is a general overview of the Orientation program. When you arrive for your Orientation session you will receive a more detailed session schedule. The schedule is subject to change before the orientation sessions begin.

Check In Time (Overnight Orientation): 7:30 am

Check in Location: Coyote Village


Day One

  • Orientation Check-in – Students will receive orientation materials, meet with Orientation Leaders, and meet other new students.
  • Welcome – Receive a warm welcome from President Morales, learn about the day's schedule, and meet the Orientation Team.
  • Student Conduct and Ethical Development – Learn about your social and ethical responsibilities as a member of the university community. Learn about Title IX and your responsibilities on campus in regards to sexual and interpersonal misconduct.
  • Money Smarts for College – Learn about financial aid and programs to help meet the costs of obtaining a college education. This session also includes information on ways to better manage your finances while in college.
  • Student Involvement – Learn about ways to get involved as a student here on campus.
  • Lunch –Hang out with your new friends and enjoy lunch on us.
  • CSUSB Student Clubs and Organizational Fair – Meet members from over 300 clubs on campus.
  • CoyoteOne Card (Student ID Card) – Get your picture taken for your campus identification card… say cheese! 
  • Thrive as a Coyote – Enjoy skits that promote mental, physical, and emotional health. Learn about the various services offered by the Student Health Center and Counseling and Psychological Services.
  • Me and CSUSB– Participate in activities that will raise your self-awareness of the rich diversity of CSUSB and the where you fit into the coyote community.
  • Play Fair – Experience team-building and ice breakers like never before! It's the best way to meet new people and create new campus friendships.
  • Campus Tours – Know your way around campus? Your Orientation Leader will give you an informative tour of campus and point out places of interest. Do you know where your classes are, where to buy your text books, or what to do between classes? They'll help you find out.
  • Dinner with Recreation and Wellness  – Get a tour of the Recreation and Wellness facilities. Enjoy barbeque-style dinner and friendly competition against other packs.


Day Two

  • Breakfast – Didn't have time to grab breakfast this morning? Don't worry, have breakfast on us!
  • Academic Advising Overview/Coyote Prep – Learn about the academic requirements needed to graduate with a bachelor's degree from CSUSB. You will also learn how to navigate MyCoyote and how to use your PAWS report.
  • Lunch –Hang out with your new friends and enjoy lunch on us.
  • CSUSB Program & Services Fair – Find out about the many programs and services available to you as a CSUSB student. Career Services, writing center, tutoring and much much more!
  • College Sessions – Receive an overview of your respective colleges, including faculty expectations. You will also have the opportunity to receive group advising with the professional advising team from your college.
  • Class Registration – The moment you've all been waiting for. Put all of your advising to work and select your classes for the fall semester. You are officially a college student!
  • Closing – You've made it to the end of your orientation session! Before you leave, you will get a chance to hear from the Dean of Students and also watching a motivating video presented by Alumni Affairs. Then it's time to check out and go home! 
How to Register for Orientation

First Year Orientation registration will open in April 2020.

Orientation Registration

You may begin to register for your Orientation session date starting in April 2020. Registration will be online and based on the following:

  1. You have paid the confirmation deposit to CSUSB.
  2. You have registered for Coyote First STEP classes (if required).

Keep in Mind

  1. Space is limited for each orientation date. The earlier you pay your confirmation deposit to accept your offer of admission and complete all other admissions requirements, the more likely you are to obtain the Orientation date of your choice.
  2. Orientation dates fill up quickly. Dates that were once available may be closed when you revisit them, so have an alternate date in mind.

How to Register

In order to register for a Orientation session, you will need to:

  1. Know your Coyote (student) ID number – each student is given a nine-digit identification number upon admissions of their application for admission (ex: 000123456).  The number is listed on all of the communication set to you by Admissions & Student Recruitment.  If you can't locate your Coyote ID, please contact Admissions & Student Recruitment at (909) 537-5188.
  2. Know your CSUSB Coyote e-mail address – Orientation information will be sent to you electronically to your Coyote e-mail address, not a personal email address. 
  3. Know any scheduling conflicts – Orientation is a two-day program and your attendance at BOTH days, in full, is mandatory.  Resolve any work or other scheduled events during the dates you sign up for. Your Orientation hold is not removed unless you complete the orientation program in full, and you will not be able to register for courses with this hold.
  4. Be prepared to register your parent / family member(s) – Our Parent and Family Orientation is offered on specific dates. If your parent(s)/family member(s) plan to attend Orientation, then you both must sign up for the same orientation date. You can register your parent(s)/family member(s) at the same time you register for your Orientation session.  For more information please go to our Parent and Family Orientation page. 
  5. Log into myCoyote
  6. Select the Orientation registration link - This will be located on the left-hand menu.
  7. Follow the on-screen instructions to register for your Orientation session. 

Making Changes to your Orientation Session

If you need to change your Orientation date:

  1. Send us an email at In the e-mail be sure to include the following information:

    1. First and Last Name
    2. Student ID Number
    3. Original Orientation date your are registered for
    4. New Orientation date you want to switch into
    5. Contact phone number


  1. Call Orientation and First Year Experience at (909) 537-5233.  Please be ready to provide the above information when you call.

NOTE: Changing your Orientation session is subject to availability in another session. If you change your Orientation date more than once, you will be changed an administrative fee of $25 per change. Please review the Program Costs and Fees page.

If you need to change one of the following:

  • Update your contact information (mailing address or phone number): you can update your information in your myCoyote portal.
  • Change your major: you must submit a Change of Major form with the Office of the Registrar. For more information, visit the Change of Major site.
  • If you need to add or cancel your parents in the Parent and Family Orientation, please call Orientation and First Year Experience at (909) 537-5233.
Advising & Registration

Academic advising is an educational process by which you are integrated into the university community. This is accomplished by assisting you in the transition from high school to college, providing accurate information about academic major requirements, promoting learning and utilization of academic and campus resources, and facilitating academic major and career exploration.

During Orientation, you will participate in a group advising experience. You will select your fall semester classes, learn about academic program requirements, academic policies and procedures, and other services that will help you achieve academic success.

Enrollment in courses for fall semester also takes place during your Orientation session. Whether you attend the first or the last session, you will find a wide range of available courses, including courses that meet General Education, major requirements, and degree requirements. Due to the high demand for a particular session date, it is important to sign up for your Orientation session online as early as possible.

NOTE: Class registration at Orientaion is ONLY available if you do not have any holds on your record. To verify if you have any holds that need to be cleared, please visit your myCoyote Portal.

Parent and Family Orientation Program

The Parent and Family Orientation program at CSUSB is a separate program that coincides with the first day of the two-day program offered for first-year students. The Parent and Family Orientation is designed to give you the tools and information necessary to ensure your student's success at CSUSB. During the program we will discuss your rights as a parent or family member, the value of obtaining a degree at CSUSB, financial aid and money management, academic and campus resources, and you will get to connect with other family members who have students attending CSUSB.

For more information, please visit our Parent & Family Orientation page.