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Submitting Documents

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Submitting Documents

All incoming CSUSB students will be required to submit documents to complete their admission process. However, what documents are required for your unique situation and when they are due may vary for each student.

For a personalized list of your required documents, CSUSB has created a To Do list for each student. We ask all applicants to access their myCoyote account and To Do list before submitting documents.

  • After your application has been successfully submitted and processed, CSUSB will send you an email with important information including your Coyote ID (student ID for our campus) and log in information for myCoyote account. This can take up to 2 weeks.
  • Once you activate your myCoyote account, navigate to My Tasks and then to My  To Do list. A tutorial has been created to help incoming student navigate their myCoyote account.
  • Pay close attention to your To Do list. It will be updated as additional information becomes available. Stay on track and stay connected to CSUSB.

General Document Deadlines can also be found in your Next Steps

How to Submit Documents

Official Transcripts

CSUSB requires all students to turn in transcripts from all schools still listed on your myCoyote To Do List. These documents must be sent directly from the institution in which you are or have been enrolled in and contain all grades from coursework completed at those institutions. Requests for transcripts are slightly different at each school. Please reach out to every institution you have attended and place an official transcript request. Contact your school's Records  or Registrar office to request an official transcripts be sent to CSUSB.

Transcripts can be sent via electronic file transfer or through traditional physical mail.

*Please Note: Documents sent via email to CSUSB will not be considered official. Only electronic transcripts sent directly from the issuing institution through an approved and secure 3rd party will be accepted as official. 

Electronic Transcripts:

If you are submitting official documents electronically, they must be requested with enough time to ensure they are received on or before the deadline. CSUSB recommends submitting requests for electronic documents at least ten business days before a listed deadline. Electronic requests are not immediate, they require processing time from the institution you attended, so check with your institution and plan accordingly. CSUSB must receive all official transcripts on or before the deadline date listed on your To Do list inside myCoyote to be considered on time. Failure to submit documents or test scores will result in the cancellation of the student's application for admission.

Electronic Transcript providers include, but are not limited to:

  • Parchment
  • Naviance
  • Xap
  • Credentials Solutions

Physical Transcripts:

Transcripts that have been printed by the issuing institution must arrive at CSUSB sealed in the original envelope in order to be considered official. Any document received without a seal will automatically be considered unofficial.

Physical transcripts may be delivered in person to the San Bernardino campus and the Office of Admissions and Student Recruitment located in University Hall room 107 during regular business hours. At the Palm Desert campus transcripts can be delivered to Mary Stuart Rogers Gateway Building, inside lobby.

*Due to COVID-19 restrictions and the need to move all operations to remote service, CSUSB has provided a secure drop box for documents. The Enrollment Services drop box is located outside University Hall on the San Bernardino campus. The box is checked daily but processing staff will only have access to documents once a week. Processing may be delayed. We encourage all student to explore electronic delivery of their transcripts if possible.

Transcripts can also be mailed to the campus. Mail any supporting documents for your application to:

California State University, San Bernardino

Office of Admissions & Student Recruitment

5500 University Parkway

San Bernardino, CA 92407

Test Scores

ACT/SAT test scores

The California State University (CSU) has temporarily suspended the use of ACT/SAT examinations in determining admission eligibility for all CSU campuses f​or the 2021-2022 academic year. . This means that SAT and ACT scores will not be used for determining who gets admitted into the CSU

ACT/SAT exam scores will no longer be required for the Fall 2021 term and will not be utilized as part of admission criteria for incoming Freshmen students. Instead, students will be accessed through the Multi Factor Admission Score (MFAS). For more information about MFAS please visit our Freshman Admission site.

*This temporary change of admission eligibility applies only for fall 2021, winter 2022, spring 2022, fall 2022, winter 2023, and spring 2023 admission cycles.

If you are admitted to CSUSB, ACT/SAT and Subject tests can be used  for academic placement in the proper mathematics and English courses.  You can visit the CSU Student Success site for further information on course placement. If you have these scores, it would be beneficial to submit them.

To submit ACT or SAT test scores to CSUSB please log into your College Boards account and request submission of your score report.

CSUSB recipient number - 4099

When requesting your scores from College Board, they will be delivered to your designated score recipient in 7–14 days. The exact number of days depends on when you submit your request and the location of your score recipient.

External Exam Credit (AP/CLEP/IB)

Students may earn college course credit by taking a CSU-accepted external examination in place of a course. This includes standardized external examinations, such as the Advanced Placement (AP)International Baccalaureate (IB), and College-Level Examination Program (CLEP).

CSUSB has determined passing scores, minimum units of credit earned, and certification area (for General Education Breadth and/or U.S. History, Constitution, and American Ideals) of standardized external examinations and will apply credits earned by external examinations toward the degree major. CSUSB will only use those scores that meet the minimum required score to receive credit or placement.

To submit AP,CLEP and SAT Subject scores please log into your College Boards account and request submission of your score report.

CSUSB recipient number - 4099

To submit ID scores please log into your International Baccalaureate account and request submission of your core report. 

When requesting your scores, they will be delivered to your designated score recipient in 7–14 days. The exact number of days depends on when you submit your request and the location of your score recipient.

All External Exam Credits should be submitted as soon as possible. If test score credit is needed to meet admission requirements it must be on file with CSUSB before an admission decision can be reached. Please submit your test scores as soon as possible.

Military Credit Documents

If you served in the military, you may be eligible for credit that will transfer to the CSU, helping you to earn your degree faster.

You can submit your DD 214/Separation Documents when applying to the CSUSB through Cal State Apply. (You can apply for a copy of your DD 214 at the National Archives.) If you did not include your DD-214 in your application, a copy of the document can be electronically or physically delivered to our campus..

Veterans are also encouraged to submit their Joint Services Transcript (JST) to the Office of Admission and Student Recruitment for course credit evaluation.

Please contact a Veteran Liaisons for more information.

COVID-19 Related Delays

Due to the Corona Virus concerns and the need to transfer all of our processes to remote service, the processing of your transcript may be slightly delayed. With the use of receipt information, we will research your transcript and enter it as soon as possible. Once your document is received, it can take up to 2 weeks for it to be processed and reflected on your myCoyote account. Physical transcripts can take even longer due to COVID-19 restrictions on our access to mail delivery. This delay is regrettable and we understand how it can cause anxiety for our students. If there are any issues with receiving your documents, your transcript receipt or a test score download (PDF) will serve as proof of delivery. Please retain this for your records. If proof of documentation is requested, please send to Thank you for your patience in this issue and please continue to check your myCoyote account and campus email for further updates....