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Pack Enrollment

Pack Enrollment

To assist in the transition from high school to college, support the CSU's Graduation Initiative 2025, and help students meet their academic goal of obtaining a degree in 4-years, the university designed and implemented the strategy of Pack Enrollment.

Pack Enrollment places incoming first-year students in their first-semester classes. The schedules are a careful mixture of major-required coursework and General Education. Students will have their plans by Orientation, where they will receive guidance on making necessary changes to ensure their success at CSUSB.


Timeline of Pack Enrollment

Who chose my classes?

Courses are selected by the Academic Department Chair of your Major and Academic Success and Undergraduate Advising (ASUA).

Where do I find my class schedule?

Students can view their class schedule by logging onto myCoyote and selecting Student Center.

How long will I have to change my schedule after Orientation?

Students are encouraged to have their final schedule in place before classes begin. For more information on adding or dropping classes, please visit Registration Services.

Can I request specific times or classes?

Unfortunately, the university cannot accommodate individual requests for time preferences or class selection. Students are free to make any changes to their schedules after attending Orientation.

What if I am changing my major?

Students are enrolled in their class schedules based on the active major at the time of Pack Enrollment. If you are changing your major after Pack Enrollment, please notify your Academic Advisor at Orientation.

How do my AP/IB scores impact Pack Enrollment courses?

AP/IB scores are not evaluated until after Pack Enrollment. If you scored a passing score on your AP/IB exam and will earn college credit for a class you are enrolled in, please swap that course out for another Major or General Education class. Please visit Test Credit for more information on scores and course articulations.

What if I have taken college courses while in high school, or I plan to take classes this summer?

If you have met or will meet a CSUSB course requirement, please swap that duplicative course for a General Education course you still need. For assistance, please ask your Academic Advisor at Orientation. Please visit Submitting Documents for more information on submitting your community college transcripts to Admissions.

Are my classes different if I am Student-Athlete/EOP/4-Year Pledge/Honors?

Unfortunately, we cannot grant special considerations to students in these groups. However, we encourage students to work with their program advisors on accommodating unique needs.

Do I still need to do the Directed Self Placement if you're going to put me into classes anyway?

Students are encouraged by the English Department to take the Directed Self-Placement (DSP). Should you be placed into a different English course than the one you are enrolled in, you are free to change your English class after Pack Enrollment.

What classes am I registered for if I am undeclared?

Undeclared students are only enrolled in General Education classes as their major is not yet decided.