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Orientation Leader Recruitment

CSUSB Orientation Leaders

Selection to be a CSUSB Orientation Leader (OL) is an honor and a rewarding opportunity for your personal and professional growth. Orientation and First Year Experience selects mature and dedicated student leaders to assist with the implementation of the Transfer Orientation, First-Year Orientation, and Parent and Family Orientation programs at both the San Bernardino and Palm Desert Campuses. OLs are instrumental in helping newly admitted first-year students, transfer students, and their families in their adjustment and transition to CSUSB and the college experience.

We're looking for students who:

  • have pride in being a CSUSB student, and are eager to share their experience
  • want to be a role model on campus
  • have a positive attitude
  • work well under pressure and enjoy a busy schedule
  • want to make a difference for new first year and transfer students, and their families and supporters.
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Applications for our 2024 Orientation Leader team are now closed. Keep an eye out in the fall for our 2025 hiring process!



Email or (909) 537-5233!


Questions about the 2024-2025 Orientation Leader application process or just general things related to the job? Look no further! Please note: These will be updated frequently with new information as it becomes available. Be sure to check back often for the latest.

Application & Selection Process

Step 1: Apply

The application is an opportunity to share more about yourself and why you want to be an Orientation Leader. It includes the application form and an agreement to authorize Orientation and First Year Experience professional staff to verify your academic and disciplinary standing. Applications are due by Friday, January 26 at 11:59 p.m.


Step 2: Individual Interview

The individual interview process provides an opportunity for you to share your experiences and desire to serve as an Orientation Leader with professional staff members and student leaders. Not all applicants will be selected for an individual interview. Individual interviews are offered after verification of eligibility for the Orientation Leader position.


Step 3: Selection

All candidates will be informed of their decision by late February.

  • Maintain a 2.5 GPA or greater, per semester and cumulatively.
  • Students must be enrolled in at least halftime units at CSUSB during the academic year.
  • International students must have full-time enrollment at CSUSB during the academic year.
  • Must be a returning student to CSUSB in Fall 2024.
  • Demonstrate a desire to learn about CSUSB, its regulations, its people, and its programs and to share the information with others.
  • Be a degree-seeking student at CSUSB; must maintain satisfactory academic progress towards degree completion.
  • Uphold all aspects of CSUSB’s Student Conduct Code and be free of disciplinary sanctions.

The Orientation Leader position requires a student to commit to a 9-month agreement. The position begins April 2024 and concludes December 2024, with the majority of the workload occurring over spring semester and through the summer months.

The following expectations have been established to ensure the best possible experience for new students, the Orientation Leader team, and Orientation and First Year Experience.

  • Actively participate in all aspects of orientation with a positive and professional attitude.
  • Seek to make first year and transfer students and their guests feel welcomed to CSUSB.
  • Be on time, present, and engaged in all trainings and Orientation-related events.
  • Dress appropriately and follow orientation staff dress code as established.
  • Abide by all University policies and standards of student conduct.
  • Know campus information in order to represent all CSUSB campus departments and organizations equally and accurately.
  • Consistently and reliably act with integrity.
  • $16 per hour

In addition to your salary, Orientation and First Year Experience will provide:

  • On-campus housing for duration of summer orientation programming (San Bernardino only)
  • Meals during orientation sessions
  • Orientation polos

Additionally, you will have the opportunity to:

  • Learn more about the University’s traditions, opportunities and resources, and share this knowledge with incoming students and their families
  • Gain both leadership and professional experience including time management, public speaking, and group facilitation skills
  • Meet and work with faculty and staff from across campus
  • Network with university staff and other student leaders
Meet & Greets

Join us at a Meet and Greet to learn more about the Orientation Leader position. At this time, you can interact with professional and student staff from the orientation program to get questions answered and learn about the many enticing benefits that come with being an Orientation Leader. Stop by, ask questions, or learn what it means to really be the face of CSUSB!

Check back in Fall 2024 for updates for our 2025 hiring process!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I apply to become an Orientation Leader if I am a first-year student?

Yes, you can become an Orientation Leader as a first-year student. Any student who is taking at least 6 units is eligible to apply.


Can I take summer classes as a leader?

Due to the demanding summer orientation schedule, Orientation Leaders typically do NOT take academic classes during either summer session.  Online summer classes may be allowable as long as it does not interfere with any position responsibilities and will be considered on a case-by-case basis. Orientation Leaders will need to communicate and work with their supervisor(s) to determine if summer courses are manageable and appropriate given their duties and responsibilities of the position.

If permitted to enroll in summer courses, Orientation Leaders may not enroll in more than 3 units, all of which must be completed asynchronously.


How does being an Orientation Leader benefit me?

Being an Orientation Leader has numerous benefits such as making friendships, networking opportunities with faculty and peers, academic advising training, public speaking and leadership experience, building community, and so much more!


Do I have to be involved on campus in order to apply to be an Orientation Leader? 

No, but it can only help! We are looking for all kinds of students, personalities, and experiences. Our Orientation Leader positions are both leadership positions and are designed intentionally to help students learn and grow. 


I graduate in a year. Can I still apply?

In order to be eligible for the 2024-2025 Orientation Leader position, you must be a full-time student through December 2024. 


What if I must miss an Orientation session over the summer?

When you apply, you are committing to all the dates. If you are already aware of an obligation that will mean missing a session (dates are listed in the job description), please tell Orientation staff before accepting the role. If we are unable to work through the conflict with you, we suggest you consider applying for the Orientation Leader role in a future year. 


I received an e-mail that I was nominated by my Orientation Leader/professor/staff member. Does this mean I am guaranteed/have a better chance at becoming a 2024 Orientation Leader?

No. As stated in the e-mail: this nomination does not give you priority over other candidates in the application process; it just means someone who has been an Orientation Leader or a professional staff member at the University sees your potential and wants you to apply!