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Parent and Family Orientation

Welcome to the California State University, San Bernardino Community! 

As family members of a new CSUSB Coyote, you must be very proud. It is a distinction that reflects upon not only the accomplishments of the student, but also upon your influence in guiding him/her to this part of life. 

Orientation is geared toward preparing new students for a successful transition to the CSUSB campus. Part of that transition involves the encouragement and understanding of the family. So whether you are a parent, spouse, grandparent, aunt, uncle, or sibling of a new CSUSB student, you are part of a whole support process that will promote student success at Cal State San Bernardino. 

Parent and Family Orientation is designed to provide information on: the factors leading to achievement at Cal State San Bernardino; the role of families in promoting student achievement; graduation requirements and curriculum alternatives; student services and financial information; how students are advised regarding courses & campus involvement; the environment at CSUSB. 

Parent and Family Orientation also provides you with the opportunity to meet with Student Orientation Coordinators and hear about their adjustments to CSUSB, tour the campus, and hear from CSUSB faculty and administrators. It is highly encouraged that you attend Parent and Family Orientation and take advantage of this chance to better understand what faces new CSUSB students. It is our goal to have you continue to support your student's academic success and personal development while at CSUSB.