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CSUSB Student Research Competition


The Office of Student Research (OSR) would like to extend our warmest congratulations to the ten graduate and undergraduate students who have been selected to represent CSUSB at this year's CSU state-wide Student Research Competition on April 29th- May 1st, 2021 at CSU Polytechnic, Pomona. We know that our campus delegates will represent CSUSB in an outstanding manner! Go Yotes!

Please join us in congratulating the following students and their faculty mentors:

College of Arts and Letters

Presenter: Alexia B. Martinez

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Thomas Corrigan

Department: Communication Studies

Title: Analyzing the Body Positivity Movement Through Social Comparison

Competition Category: Behavioral and Social Sciences


College of Education

Presenter: MacKenzie Feeken

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Roderick O'Handley

Department: School Psychology

Title: Systematic Review of Teacher Training Procedures for Implementing Evidence-Based Practices for Students with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Competition Category: Education


College of Natural Sciences

Presenter: Sean Christopher Bonilla

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Nicole Dabbs

Department: Kinesiology

Title: The Effects of Body Composition on Dynamic Balance in Collegiate Athletes

Competition Category: Health, Nutrition, and Clinical Sciences


Presenter: Luz Chavez

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Brett Stanley

Department: Earth and Environmental Science

Title: Investigation of Cyanide Generation During Water Sanitation

Competition Category: Physical and Mathematical Sciences


Presenters: Andres Garcia Garcia

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Kassandra Harding

Department: Public Health Education

Title: Application of HAPA on Responsive Feeding

Competition Category: Health, Nutrition and Clinical Sciences


Presenter: Holli Rosas

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Zhaojing Chen

Major: Kinesiology

Title: The Mechanical Interaction of Bone and Muscle in Postmenopausal Women

Competition Category: Health, Nutrition, and Clinical Sciences

Presenter: Miles Valencia

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Angela Horner

Major: Biology

Title: Exercise to Increase Stress?

Competition Category: Health, Nutrition, and Clinical Sciences


College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

Presenter: Xavier Resendez

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Ryan Keating

Department: History

Title: Race and Racism in 19th Century California

Competition Category: Humanities and Letters


Presenter: Holly Timblin

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Jacob Jones

Department: Psychology

Title: Cumulative Effect of Traumatic Brain Head Injuries in Parkinson's Disease

Competition Category: Behavioral and Social Sciences


Presenter: Edward Zakher

Faculty Mentor: Dr. Yasemin Dildar

Department: Economics

Title: To Leave Without Leaving

Competition Category: Business, Economics, and Public Administration


Please SAVE THE DATE for the Recognition of Faculty Mentors and Student Researchers on April 16th from 12-1 pm, where these students, along with other outstanding student researchers, will be recognized for their accomplishments.


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