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Reporting & Responding to Allegations of Child Abuse or Neglect

Executive Order 1083 enacts amendments to the California Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act (CANRA). CANRA is intended to provide a safe environment for our children and will enhance our own awareness of and responsibility to report suspected abuse and neglect. As a designated mandated reporter, whenever you, in your professional capacity or within the course of your employment, have knowledge of or reasonably suspect child abuse or neglect has occurred, you must report the incident. CSU Executive Order 1083 which was updated on July 21, 2017, identifies two categories of Mandated Reporter:

  • General Reporters - those who are legally required to report child abuse or neglect no matter where it occurs.
  • Limited Reporters - those who are legally required to report child abuse or neglect only if it occurs on CSU premises or at an official activity of, or program conducted by, the CSU.

All CSUSB Management Personnel Plan (MPP) employees and all volunteers are considered Limited Reporters, unless they are in positions that require the General Reporter designation. Authorized CSUSB employees whose duties involve regular contact with children or who supervise such employees are considered as general reporters.

 Procedure for Reporting

Step 1: Immediately, or as soon as possible, contact by phone one of the following:

A police or sheriff's department (including campus police but not including a school district police or security department):

Step 2: Within 36 hours of receiving the information concerning the incident:
  • Complete Form SS 8572 and
  • Send, fax, or electronically transmit it to the agency that was contacted by phone. (Penal Code ยง 11166(a))