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Special Event Insurance

Special Event Insurance may be available for the great variety of “special events” that take place each week both on and off-campus. There are basically three distinct groups who must make arrangements with the University or its Affiliated Organizations to use the University’s facilities. The path to take to actually hold the event depends on which group is sponsoring the event and, of course, the nature and location of the event.

The three groups are:

  1. CSUSB Students and Student Organizations
  2. CSSB Staff or Faculty
  3. Outside Groups (Businesses, Community Organizations, Film Companies, etc.)

The groups may be looking for using or leasing on-campus classroom space, outdoor space, athletic facilities, theaters, recital halls, SMSU, etc. In many cases the use of facilities requires that the group sign a contract and show evidence of adequate insurance.

Special Event Insurance provides short term liability coverage for special event groups (for profit or non-profit) and/or performers using California State University, San Bernardino facilities.

The Special Event Liability Program is designed by various insurers to address the risk management and insurance needs of such groups for the short term rental or use of University facilities such as halls, auditoriums, streets, parks, fields, etc. As some groups are small and do not have a need for regular on-going commercial insurance, CSUSB Risk Management offers to provide the opportunity to secure coverage on an as-needed basis for special events.

CSUSB departments that sponsor an on or off-campus special event may contact the University Risk Management Department directly to determine whether special events insurance is required.

Insurance requirements are determined on a case-by-case basis. The Office of Special Events & Guest Services at (909) 537-7360 handles facility reservations, facility staffing costs, security requirements, special equipment and/or infrastructure requirements of the event.

If an outside organization or group wishes to rent Student Housing, including vacant dorm rooms, contact Housing and Residential Education directly at (909) 537-4155.  Special Event insurance may be available for the group to meet Student Housing & Conference Service’s contractual requirements for the group’s activities and liability exposures.

If the event involves the preparation, distribution or sale of food, you must review the Food Rules with the EH& S Department (Corporate Yard, X 75179) and complete the “Food Event Notification Form” for authorization.

Please contact the Risk Management at (909) 537-3937 for a quote or additional information.